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Team Learning Weekly Reflection

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Week Six Learning A-Team Learning Weekly Reflection

In week five, our learning objectives were based on identifying methodologies for adapting to different types of businesses to changing markets. These objectives were broken down into adapting organizations in today's market, determining the impact of economics on business, and the role "human resource" management plays in helping the businesses achieve their goals. The learning team reflections cover the topics that we seem to struggle with and those that we feel most comfortable within and out of our professional fields. Our professional fields range from health care, education, and hospitality, service oriented. Our team discussed in and out of class the way many organizations are adapting to the globalization and local markets. Our discussions covered our anxieties and unknowns about human resources management in the current slowed economic times. Our discussions also identified our strength in understanding the need for human resources in development of business, or the reorganization, and blending of organizational culture.

The discussions lead the team to conclude that for any business to be successful the organization needs to have one culture, and that the departments within the organization need to operate inter-dependent on each other while rowing in the same direction or pursuing the organizational goals. Our in class discussions evolved around economics affecting the company as a unit and specific departments are impacted by economics in different ways. The subject that seemed to spark the team with conversation was how large and small companies are employing the methodologies in our slow economic environment. We concluded that companies are achieving the economic goals by specializing the product, outsourcing, and restructuring. Additionally the discussions spoke of the technological advances, and there uses in these advancements. The Organizational restructuring subject sparked interest with how businesses are acclimatizing to the technologies, and flexible workforce. One example we discussed was the work from home jobs being converted from office to home with a positive impact. One of the biggest factors driving the changes is technology and to best use it for that specific company. The A-Team reflections were positive and focused on the economic impacts we are feeling and how business is moving forward. The team expanded on the roles human resources management plays in business achieving the strategic goals and how the personnel manager has evolved to become the human resources manager requiring a wide-range of skills.



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