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Technology Changing Society

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Essay Preview: Technology Changing Society

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The Matrix?

Humans cannot live without technology anymore. Since the dawn of man it was in our nature to create and make things easier for ourselves. Our technological innovation has brought us from the Stone Age to modern day computers and electronic devices. Science Fiction films like the Matrix and Terminator give us the ideas of technology advancing to the point where we give it too much control or lose control of it altogether, and that day is almost here. We already depend on technology for so much its actually mind-blowing. We use technology for practically everything now. The internet, cell phones, appliances, televisions, government weapons, alarm clocks, vehicles, planes, just about everything depends on technology, and it's so much to the point that it looks as if it one day will be able to be in control of us.

Technology is pretty much everywhere. Even when we think were not using it or have it, its right in front of us. It's in all the little things we take for granted, like the safety devices in our cars, the chips in our phones, the headphones we wear, Bluetooth and even things we don't really know about like factories that produce energy and gas, or our waste system. It's possible to go without these things, like in the "old days", and survive off of pure strength and hard work, but I don't think many people are willing or able to even try that anymore. We all are so plugged into the technology that we use we forget our surroundings, we forget the little things, we are controlled by the technology. We all are so plugged into the technology that we use we forget our surroundings, we forget the little things, we are controlled by the technology we use.

The main concern with technology is the thought that one day it will actually be controlling us, like to the point that it makes decisions for us. It's a crazy thought actually. Technology has such an impact on our lives, and like I previously stated about many not being able to cope without it, that is very true. Without technology it's almost as if we have nothing. The youth today, actually phone carriers, end up so into their phones they end up missing important moment happening right in front of them. These once in a lifetime moments, which may or may not be important, do make a difference in all our lives. Without taking advantage of our time and moments then we end up losing valuable time or valuable changes that may make or break us. This isn't really human error because the fact that we all are so fascinated with the technology and new and improved fads technology throws at us, it's more of a fear that these new fads have such a great hold on our lives.

This is kind of a "terminator" or "Matrix" topic, these two movies both tell of world completely run by machines and technology. How he world would be in a case like that. The two are both good films. The Matrix was one of the most popular and thought-provoking movies of all time. In the Matrix the underlying message was that people get screwed over when they believe "reality".

In the movie, the Matrix is and huge computer system that's so intense and mind blowing that people mistake it for reality. People believe they are living their lives and having daily routines and struggles on the world, when in reality their physical bodies are actually in tanks "plugged into" the Matrix, while their life is connected to power the Matrix, like a battery.

So, the Matrix is basically the world that we "perceive" which is considered the physical world, as well as our human emotions and thoughts, which also affect us. In the movie the Matrix we are taught that we have little power, and what little power we do have, we have to make good use of. Technology



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