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How Technology Changed the Way, We Learned Today

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Essay Preview: How Technology Changed the Way, We Learned Today

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How technology changed the way, we learned today

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our perspective of the world. Technology has created amazing tools and resources, putting each person’s most useful information at their fingertips. Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of many functional and utility devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better and more fun. Humans who lives in the western world have experienced how technology has changed their life. You might not encompass the massive change because technology made a gradual transformation in our lives. This will focus on giving you the tiny and the enormous ways in which our lives have been transform via technological advancement. When it comes to the way we communicate, modern technology has had an impressive influence on communication in the 21st century and daily life in general. Very few students and teachers would disagree with this notion. The advancement in technology has made it possible for teachers to impart knowledge to students from any location. We needed a way to communicate faster and better between vast distances than sending mail, which could take months to get from one point to another. Therefore, humans invented the telephone to talk to one another. However, the telephone was not great for sharing large amounts of information between people. For that, we used to have books. However, man, books took a long time to ship from one place to another. Could we improve on this with technology? Yes, we invented the computer, and then the internet, to write and send vast amounts of information in almost an instant without the need for traditional mail. Not all technology has to do with communication, of course. Microorganisms, little bugs you cannot see that may potentially kill you, have killed hundreds of millions of people in the recent past. Therefore, some big brains decided to come up with new technologies that helped us develop drugs that kill the microorganisms, such as vaccines that protect us against them, and so on. Some technologies are less about need and more about want. Those super-expensive massage chairs. They help us feel better. The TV? It keeps us informed about world events but also gives us a good laugh when watching a comedy. Those super-processed cookies? We created technology to make those so we could more easily satisfy our sweet tooth. Humans invented the wheel to move things like goods around without having to carry them. We invented the horse or oxen-pulled plow to help us grow more food. We created cars to help us get from one point to another faster. The list goes on forever. However, you just need to remember one thing we create technology to fill a need, void, or a want.

There are three areas that technology left an indelible mark on, communication starting from the toy string telephone to the smart phones of today technology has definitely made keeping in touch a lot easier. Mobile phones have become essential because you can now call anyone at anytime, anywhere, Trade and industry if there is one area in our lives where the impact of technology is so apparent it could be no other than in the business sector. Business transactions are so much faster these days that money change hands albeit electronically by the nanosecond. What is more exciting is that these business acquisitions and gains are possible even when the buyer and the seller are at the opposite parts of the world. Moreover, calculations today are more accurate. Education Several studies have shown that students who have better access with technology have better chances of learning and doing well at school than those without. It cannot be denied that the internet is invaluable when it comes to research and supplemental studies for students of all levels. Gadgets that can connect to the internet make access to educational materials more convenient. With the help of technology, students have all the learning resources at the tip of their fingertips. With this three areas we can say technology is a big help and to the people who always using technology.

However, learning now does not contain only difficulties, learning nowadays also contain many advantages we did not have in the past. With the exploited development of science and technology, learning benefits very much from it. Many new inventions have been widely used in teaching and learning, such as projector, some presentation software and especially the Internet. Internet has created a revolution in learning. It helps self-study become easier the ever before. With the Internet you can find everything necessary for your learn abundant document resources, online forums that can help you to answer any question you ask, and more wonderful, the Internet can help you to sit in your house but you can even study university that away one-half world circle from you. You do not need to tear yourself to find what you need because we have a technology that can help you in the study. Because, it is easier technology to use than before. All the people who use it are happy because it makes everything easier. One of the most profound ways in which technology has changed education is that is has made it more accessible than the way it was a few decades before. It is now possible for anyone to access formal educational courses, thanks to online courses. In practice, all institutions of higher learning now offer a number of their courses on an online basis. In addition, we now have fully-fledged universities that thrive by offering all their courses online, Because of this process; it is now easy for anyone to access a desired educational course online. Thus, technology has broken the geographical barriers that limited access to education in the past. Because of the rise of online courses, it is now easy for anyone to learn at their own pace, rather than being forced to adhere to strict timelines.  Technology has made it possible for individuals to learn from anywhere as opposed to the way things were before when individuals had to travel to physical schools to access education In the past, teachers relied on actual meetings to interact with their students. It was only during physical meetings that teachers could deliver learning materials and instructions to learners. However, nowadays, this kind of absolute dependence on physical meetings is gone.  It is easy for teachers and learners to stay in touch via email and other internet-based services such as file-sharing and Instant Messaging applications. Although the need for physical meetings between teachers and students remains vital, technology has provided a means in which teachers and learners remain in touch all the time. For years, special needs have been an important issue in education. It is easy for the traditional classroom environment to work against the interests of learners with special needs. Either way, the highly standardized and often rigid procedures that learners and teachers have to go through in the traditional classroom environment may fail to address the individual needs of some learners. On the contrary, the highly flexible, interactive and accessible nature of digital learning provides a wonderful environment for individuals to learn in ways that suit their personal needs, capabilities or even challenges. More so, teachers can now use various technology applications to help learners with particular needs learn better. Mobile learning applications help learners to access content on their mobile devices. The rise of mobile learning can be traced to the changes regarding internet accessibility that are taking place currently. In the recent past, leading tech companies such as Google and others have been emphasizing on the growing importance of mobile. Their underlying belief is that people are increasingly restoring to using mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, the argument has been that content providers should focus on optimizing content for mobile viewing. One of the main ways in which technology has changed education relates to the various forms in which learning content is now delivered. Because of technology, it is no longer necessary to stick to using one form of content in the process of teaching and learning. Teachers can now use videos, animations and other forms of content to enhance the process of learning.



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