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Technology, Good or Bad

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Essay Preview: Technology, Good or Bad

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Technology, Good or Bad

Natural curiosity of man has developed the subject matter of science. The development and modernization of the world is due to scientific approach. Scientific technology has improved the work of cosmic exploration. It has modernized the whole world, even the countries of the third world in all the faculties of life. Information technology has joined the whole world like a global village.

Before the end of eighteenth century, there was a culture of peace art, music and humour. At the end of the eighteenth century and since the beginning of the nineteenth century it started the culture of industrialization and mechanization. Natural beauty had been erased at many places for the purpose of mechanization. It was essential for the survival of life. It would be absurd to talk against mechanization. It was called machine age. With the passage of time, scientific technology progressed and was turned to the faculty of war weapons.

At one side, advancement of science has brought countless unimaginable comforts to man while on the other side it has progressed in the faculty of nuclear science. Nuclear energy is used to run a large number of electrical and mechanical power plants while on the other side a large number of nuclear weapons have been prepared, the purpose of which is to destroy humanity. The discovery of nuclear science is a blessing if rightly used for the comfort of human beings. It would be an destructive invention if used with evil mindlessness. Its use depends upon human mind.

The most modern technology is information technology which is the science of computers and internet. International network has connected the whole world and we may have information of any kind from any region of the world. Internet has improved the media of communication. It is true that it has been very useful to enhance the level of knowledge and awareness.

On the other side, it has descended the level of civilization. It has worked for interaction among people. It is used in our daily life practicalities. Internet has joined the whole global. It is responsible for the decline of moral and social values, thought it has ascended the level of knowledge and awareness. Its utility can be seen in all the faculties of life. It has also changed the mode of civilization in different parts of the world.

It is true science has its uses and abuses both. Its utility depends upon the human mind.



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