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The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

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Essay Preview: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

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Running head: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

Faculty of Philology Belgrade

Running head: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer


Using the discussion about soccer of T. Timmons and a survey which was conducted by me personally, along with the research of Z.Avramović about the phenomenon of soccer and research of S. Vrcan about the connections of violence and soccer along with the information from the article written by R. Mackey about violence in soccer and from the articles "The Heysel disaster" and "One passion" I analyzed the paradox of soccer, of it being good and bad.

Running head: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer


Whether you like soccer or not, you must have an opinion about it. This sport leaves nobody indifferent. Depending on the perspective it can appear extremely good, even sublime or extremely bad, even appalling.

Situation: I noticed in conversation that there are people who love soccer and those who state the opposite.

Issue: Although soccer has its advantages and disadvantages many people love soccer.

Question: Considering that soccer is the most popular sport in the world what are your reasons for loving it or not loving it?

Running head: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

Why Soccer is the most Popular Sport in the World

However disliked by some people it may be, soccer is still the most popular sport in the world.

According to the survey (2011) 28% of respondents claimed that it is so owing to the fact that it is "the most important secondary thing in the world". 28% suggested that the reason for being the most popular is that it makes you feel exhilarated when watching it. 21% of the persons questioned said it so because it is a family sport whereas 14% because it is "simply the best".

Timmons (2009) argues that "soccer is known as the "beautiful sport." It takes a skill and finesse to play, and it requires just about every athletic trait, such as speed, endurance, and coordination."(paragraph1)

Not only is soccer "the beautiful sport", but both women and men have one additional reason to like it.

Timmons (2009) says that " If a questionnaire was handed to every woman in the world which asked who the sexiest male athlete is, chances are that L.A. Galaxy stud David Beckham would dominate the list followed closely by Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal.

Furthermore, Heather Mitts (soccer) in 2004 was voted the sexiest female athlete, beating out the likes of Jennie Finch (softball) and Anna Kournikova (tennis)" (paragraph 5)

Timmons (2009) states that soccer fans are "groups of like-minded ladies and gentlemen that cheer their team on with outrageous enthusiasm. Often times they will have cannons, smoke flares, and drums. But the one thing that soccer fans do that really differentiates them from other fans is sing their team's chants. It creates an intimate moment between the fans as they come together as a single, strong voice, to cheer their guys on to victory. It cannot be understated how much these chants create an unforgettable atmosphere when attending a soccer match." (paragraph 6)

Another fact makes this sport even more appealing.

Running head: The Good and the Bad Sides of Soccer

Timmons (2009) noted that it is much harder catching a ball with only your chest, knee, or foot than your arms or hands and that it is the case due to the fact that controlling a ball with the feet is much more challenging as it is not a natural body movement. (paragraph 4)

What is splendid about soccer and boosts its popularity is simplicity.

Timmons (2009) suggests that "soccer is the purest of sports because all you need is a ball. Sure, some grass or a flat piece of land helps, but it's not necessarily a requirement. Just ask the kids in South America who play everyday on the streets. Soccer is as pure as sports get. You don't need pads, you don't need any equipment, you don't need specialized fields, or anything else. You don't even need shoes. All that is required is the ball, and maybe some imagination. And that's why soccer is such a wonderful sport - because a game can spontaneously erupt based on the want to play." (paragraph11)

It doesn't get more exhilarating than this.

Timmons (2009) claims that "When a goal is scored in soccer, it's cause for a celebration. But the reason doesn't just lie in how uncommon scoring might be. It comes from the fact that when a loose ball is bouncing around in your team's penalty area, your heart is pounding and your eyes are wide with anticipation. If the ball gets cleared, there's a small respite as relief sets in. And that same wide-eyed anticipation grips you when your squad has set up a good scoring opportunity for themselves. It's such a high level of tension that when they do score (or give up a goal), the emotional outburst is greater than it is for any other sport, period." (paragraph 9)

A Higher Meaning of Soccer

Soccer isn't just about fun.

"Soccer is the universal language of scores of millions of people around the world. They play in refugee camps. They play in abandoned swimming pools. In car parks, war zones, on street corners--wherever there are young people, it seems there is football. But the sport is more than just a game. It's a positive lifestyle. It's a way to promote a peaceful approach to conflict



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