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Teenage Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Teenage Pregnancy

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NYPD Probes 14-year-old Brooklyn girl who hid pregnancy after infant boy found dead in her home.

More & more teenagers are becoming pregnant today. Some teenagers hide the fact that they are pregnant, and some others can't. The ones that do hide the fact that they are pregnant makes you wonder what happened to the baby, is it ok, or if they had finally told somebody about the pregnancy. This article is an example of one of the many teenagers who are scared to admit to their pregnancy and find it easier to just hide it.

A fourteen year-old girl's infant boy was found dead in her room, hidden behind her bed. She hid the fact that she pregnant from everyone, her mom, the doctors, and even the New York City police department. This 14 year-old girl's mother took her daughter to the hospital thinking she was having heavy bleeding problems, but little did she know, her 14-year-old daughter was pregnant. The doctors were suspicious and thought she had just given birth so she called the NYPD. The police had questioned the girl and her mother for so information and found out where they are currently living. They checked out the girls home and to their surprise found an infant boy in a plastic bag, dead. They are still trying to figure out how the baby died, but once they find out the death of the baby, then they can determine her charges. They have not yet found out who the father of the child is.

This article was a good example on how some teenagers are too scared to tell someone about their pregnancy and then wind up in more trouble then they began with. This article affects us today because it gives a strong example of what can happen when a young, pregnant, teenager decides that it is easier to hide the fact that they are pregnant then to just come out with it and get help. This is an example of what can happen when you don't tell an adult that you are pregnant, and the consequences that come with it.



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