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Tertiary Education in the World

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Essay Preview: Tertiary Education in the World

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        In this globalised world, tertiary education is believed to be a prerequisite and ticket to a better future.  Students and working adults alike are always dreamed about graduating from a university and enjoying the privilege of better returns and perks.  This has caused many to pursue university education, believing that it guarantees a more promising life.  Nevertheless, I partially agree that tertiary education determines a person’s success in life.  This is because although tertiary education contributes to success, our determination, personal interest and goal in life also have irrefutable impact on our achievement.

        First of all, tertiary education alone without the determination to press on towards achieving our goals in life might not be sufficient to steer us forward.  It is without doubt that persistence is akin to keeping the oil lamp lit to light up the dark surroundings.  Without a clear vision of what we want to be and do, university education will just go down the drain as some graduates have been known to refuse employment due to their easy-going attitude and their plain idleness that makes them lethargic in their pursuit for a better life.  One may argue that some successful figure like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs were college dropouts but they made it in life.  However, most of us forget that these two geniuses had strong determination and unique gifts that they knew they could embark on. It is proven that they are among those who have contributed to the advancement of technology that has made life easier than ever.  Although, university education does, to an extent, determine a person’s success in life as it enables one to discover his interest, chart his future and equip oneself with specialised skills to secure a permanent job, one’s determination to succeed is undeniable a superior prerequisite for a successful life.

        In conclusion, the amalgam of higher education with determination, personal interest and goal will make man wiser in his exploration and pursuit in life’s attainment. It is therefore recommended that life’s success is not only determined by the level of education but the absence of other essential elements may be a stumbling block that will thwart opportunities knocking at the door.  The quote shared by Evan Esar that says “Success is a good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration”, recognises that success is not after all a simple formula but it is also an inter play of other factors that are often mistakes as unimportant and thus ignored.



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