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Tesco Case

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Essay Preview: Tesco Case

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The report is about to gather information about the research topic using questionnaire. The questionnaire designed aims to identify and collect information about the customer's perception towards TESCO.

''A questionnaire is not some sort of official form nor it is a set of questions which have been casually jotted down without much thought. We should think of the questionnaire as an important instrument of research, a tool for data collection. The questionnaire has to do: its function is measurement''


The primary objective of this report is to discuss the designed questionnaire like what are the results obtained from the pilot test of the questionnaire? , what is the questionnaire is all about? , how it was designed and what is the reliability of the designed questionnaire. The main aim of the survey was to find out customer's perception towards TESCO which will be discussed briefly in results section.


A pilot test of 5 questions has been conducted about the customer's perception towards TESCO. Due to time constraint the survey was conducted with the help of internet website which was easy to spread on emails and social networking sites. First two questions were multiple choice format questions in which respondents has to select one option from various given options. 3rd was yes or no format question in which respondent has to select yes or no option to give the answer. The last two questions 4rth and 5th were of likert format to choose from the option ranging from very satisfied to very disappointed


The result is discussed as the questions are placed in questionnaire ,

* In the first question out of 27 respondents, 21 responded 0-2 years, 3 esponded 2-5 years and the remaining 3 for 5 years and above.

* For next question out of 27 respondents, 13 responded that they visit tesco once in a week, 8 responded twice in a week and the remaining 6 visits thrice or may be more.

* In this researcher have tried to analyze that do customer prefer any other retail store beside TESCO. Out of 27 respondents one has skipped the question, 12 has responded no that they don't but products from any other retail store beside tesco and 8 person has responded that they buy products from other retail stores also. The various other stores named by respondents are saintsburry, cooperative, ASDA, H-E-B, LIDL.

* In this case customer level of satisfaction has been analyzed towards TESCO employees in following areas:-

Responsiveness-12 respondents (44%) are very much satisfied from TESCO employees and 11 respondents (40.7%) are somewhat satisfied and remaining 4 respondents are very much disappointed and the other 3 do not care much about the satisfaction level.

Professionalism- 9 respondents(33.3%) are very much satisfied from the TESCO employees professionalism, 10 people are somewhat satisfied, 6 people do not care and remaining 2 are somewhat disappointed and very disappointed.

Understanding your needs- 12 respondents( 44.4%) are very much satisfied, 8 are somewhat satisfied, 5 respondents neither satisfied nor disappointed and remaining 2 are somewhat disappointed and very disappointed.


Rich picture shown is basically overall view of research question whereas cognitive map



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