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Texts in Society; into the World

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Essay Preview: Texts in Society; into the World

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Texts in society; into the world

1. "Being Miranda's assistant opens up a lot of opportunities" Throughout the movie you see Andy as a person being to change and her Friends and Family are impacted by the New job that she has undertaken, In what ways does Being Miranda's Assistant help Andy Transition into a new phase of her life and what are the consequences of this transition?

The movie the Devil Wears Prada demonstrates how new stages of experiences can bring about development, growth and change in a person's life leading to a transition into a new world. Andy eventually transforms from being outdated and shabby office assistant to a chic lady wearing only but the top brands like Gucci and channel.

Being in the Runway office alters Andy's personal beliefs, values and attitudes, this is due to the new world she is experiencing, these people are "fake" and do only care about their social status and fashion. This is portrayed in the movie by the way that she dresses she has now gone from an old blue sweater to the top dollar brands. Andy dedicated a whole part of her life to the new job she has, she abandons her friends and family and her personal life goes up in flames, Andy soon realises that she isn't the same person she use to be and that this isn't who she is and for her to obtain who she use to be she has to leave the "runway" world otherwise she will lose her friends and family for good. The consequence of joining runway meant that Andy abandoned who she was and she lost more than what she gained at runway.

2. "Oh, don't be ridiculous. Andrea. Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us" What type of world is depicted in the Movie?

Runway magazine is one of the most influential publications of its sort in the world "A million girls would kill for this job" navigate the waters of the high-powered fashion magazine world



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