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The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club


This Paper deals with the cognitive, psychosocial, physical and moral development of a character from the breakfast club. Also, it deals with wide variety of behavior and stereotypes of each individual has and there personality and taste at the beginning of the film (PABC 2004). Furthermore, the movie broadcast or illustrates the way that people from totally different backgrounds can communicate and even agree on issues. In addition, the movie The Breakfast Club has become a classic in today's society and I have to say that I can see why it is such a classic because the major developmental themes of the movie are relational to the audience and with the five teenagers there is proportional representation of almost all click groups so that people can see themselves through one of the characters of the film (cinemaroll). Next other articles have their own observation about the movie and therefore offer different result.

The Breakfast Club

The cognitive, psychosocial, physical and moral development of the break fast club

The breakfast club was created in 1985 and it is one of the best of its time, and is still considered today as one of the most inspiring high school movies ever made. However, there were five teenagers who are from different social group in detention Claire, Andrew, bender, and Brian. Next, am going to be focusing on the psychological analysis of the movie because it reveals much about the factors that shaped their personalities, the problems each faces, and their possible futures. Furthermore, the movie uses elements from many of the principal theories (Piaget, Elkind, Erikson Marcia, Kohlberg and Gilligan) of personality development to understand who these people are and who they are likely to become.

The most fascinating character who I find very interesting and entertaining to watch and write about is bender because I want to know why he acts the way he does, what was his purpose of his behavior and what made him to become the way he is. So, according to the cognitive, psychosocial and cognitive development bender is a mind playing, douche bag and bad boy who is desperate for social attention at school the reason could be the lack of attention and physical abuse he receives at home so he desperately acts in an aggressive manner so that he can have the attention because he doesn't receive any at home. According to

The Breakfast Club

Erikson, in complex societies, teenagers, experience an identity crisis a temporary period of distress as they experiment with different alternatives before settling on values and goals. They go through a process



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