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The Bullying Must Come to an End

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Essay Preview: The Bullying Must Come to an End

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The Bullying Must Come to an End

Malissa Torres

South University Online

The Bullying Must Come to an End

Bullying has become a huge problem in society. It's commonly found in public gathering places such as streets, schools, homes, and work places. The main reasons that people get bullied are their appearance, race, skin color, or financial status. There are two types of bullying: verbal and physical. Not only is this taking place face-to face nowadays, it's also happening through cell phones and computers.

First verbal bullying is the most common type of bullying. For example, criticizing someone because of their physical appearance is a lot like verbal bullying. Society teaches us to become critical of others in their downfalls. If everyone just accepted everyone for the way they are and think before they speak, verbal bullying would be something of the past. Today, we have a great deal of verbal bullying which more than likely will lead to physical bullying.

Second, physical bullying is becoming more common in both home and school. Physical bullying can be influenced by many things. T.V., music, comic books, computers, pictures, parents, and friends are all some factors that influence physical bullying of an individual or individuals. Parental control or limited exposure to these factors might be useful steps to help the situation. Physical bullying in schools might be easier to fight if the schools implement stricter rules, while also encouraging a better and more useful approach toward handling problems. Unfortunately, physical bullying leads to something even more dangerous; handling deadly weapons.

Lastly bullying people with weapons is a major concern in homes, schools, and practically everywhere else. For an example, the Columbine High School Massacres. . Victims of violence should ask someone for help or just try a bit header in believing that they are special. If you are a person affected by someone threatening you with weapons, just do the right thing, go to your nearest police station and inform them about this situation. Weapons are very dangerous and serious; especially to small children and infants and are becoming more widely used.

In conclusion, if people would worry about their own lives more than others, the world would be a much safer place. Some the television shows that are on today should also be banned and there should definitely be more positive parent to child relationships as this is where it all begins.



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