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The Cause and Effect About Global Warming

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Essay Preview: The Cause and Effect About Global Warming

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The Cause and Effect about Global Warming

Xinghan Lin

ACLA 485 PMB2 - Selected Topics

Compare-Contrast Essay

Professor Tsz Yin Szeto-McNatt

George Fox University

November 02, 2017

Do you find that winters have generally been warmer and warmer? Scientists has named this phenomenon global warming. My hometown is in the very northern part of China. We used to have a lot of snow when I was little. However, in recent years, we have much less snow, and winters become very “hot”. Global warming will bring a lot of negative effects to the not only the human being but also our planet. Global warming has been an issue that many people are paying attention to in recent years.

Global warming can lead to increase of the temperature in the ocean, Glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland will melt faster, leading to the rising of sea levels. And the low altitude areas, such as Oceania island of Tuvalu will be flooded. And there will be less and less land for which people might fight. What’s more, due to the increase of the temperature in the ocean, the water evaporation rate will also increase, a large amount of water is transported into the atmosphere, which will lead to local short time rainfall. And this rainstorm will lead to floods, landslides, mudslides and other more frequent occurrence.

Global warming can lead to tropical infectious diseases spread to high latitude areas. There are cases that have proved the spread of diseases. In past, many viruses cannot survive in low temperature. However, after the temperature has increased, viruses become active throughout the whole year. According to the recent research, the diseases that have been controlled are likely to have the chance to outbreak again such as tuberculosis.

Global warming can lead to the increase of atmosphere. The drought area will be faced with more severe issues. There will be more desert that were used to be farmland, which will result in the land desertification. In fact, desertification has plagued the East and Central Asian countries in the Sahara region is the boundary situation.

Global warming is an issue that human beings cannot avoid and must take some measures. Many countries have implemented some policies to slow down the pace of global warming. People are also paying more and more attention to environmental issues. Some NGOs and organizations are also conduct public’s awareness of protecting environment and global warming. Facing those serious issues, everyone must take a step to protect our environment.



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