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The Commonwealth Games India

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The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event held every four years involving the elite athletes of the Commonwealth of Nations. Commonwealth games are one of the biggest sporting events and it was India's first opportunity to host such a big event after Asian games. The expectations from the world were very high that Delhi would meet international standards in sporting facilities and living conditions would be met. This was India's best chance to showcase the world of the power of one of the fastest developing countries in the world in terms of economy and democratic values and not only looking at the comfort of the visitors and successful conduct of the games.

India's preparation for the common wealth games were mainly of two steps. Firstly, construction of new stadiums and renovation of exciting ones for the athletes and sporting events in a games village. Secondly, in order to host such a major event successfully many steps were taken to make the city world class. New airport, construction of Delhi metro, new buses for the officials and athletes for pick and drop from the airport and new roads. However there were some problems before the start of the events.

The potential impact of the macro environmental factors on the credibility of the commonwealth games is based on PEST (Political, Economical, Social and Technological)


Adrian Palmer and Bob Hartley, Second Edition (2009) suggests that Political point of view there are many rules, regulations, laws and legislation made by the government which will in turn affect the commercial environment. Legislation and laws made by the government can affect the individual firm including the competitive framework within the firm.


Commonwealth games 2010 were marked for its corruption and misuse of funds. Politician tried to make use of this great event for their own benefit and scam the money from the commonwealth games. Few ministers were suspended due to evidence found by the CBI against them. One of the major concerns was the tardiness in respect of the facilities. India hosted commonwealth youth games in Pune 2 years and even there it occurred similar problems of venue not getting ready before the start date. Politicians did not learn from these mistakes and repeated the same old story. It's very difficult to get a chance to host such a great event in the country. There was a anger in the people against politicians as the preparation for such a major event was very slow and no one took the initiative to come forward and complete the task until through media government had to come. India is a country with cheap laborers and has enough skilled laborers. India did host Asian games in the year 1982 successfully.



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