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The Conscription Iin Australia

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In the novel, we can find a lot of interesting characters. But the one who has been controversial most is Esther, Chanda's best friend. About her appearance, she looks like a young lady in a tiny body. She dresses older than her age. She fond of wearing a lot of jewelry, putting on makeup and being like an adult. Maybe the reason for these actions is Esther just want to express herself, proving she was grown up and standing out in the crowd. Besides, about her personalities and behaviors. Because she soon had to suffer a lot in her life, the way she was acting older than her real age. Have a look at her attitudes and the words that she using while having conversation with others people, Esther was too arrogant. When she was talking with the doctor who took care of her mother's disease, she was like giving an order to the doctor in a bossy way. Esther also has a straight-direct-minded. She will be nice with the people she feels like but if she does not, she will say directly and bluntly what she was thinking. However, as an idiom said: "every coin has a head and tail" and Esther also has "a head" which is her good side. Even though Esther did not have a good education and she soon had to experience harsh things in life, she was still thinking in the way of a teenage girl. She respected her friendship with Chanda. She was so helpful and friendly to Chanda at the first time they met. Besides she helped Chanda a lot in taking care of her Iris and Soly while Chanda was so busy in arranging the funeral for Sarah, came back to Tiro to find her mother and so on. Besides, Esther loves her family, she desired to have her family back. In the novel, she was so worry for her mother's disease and willing to do everything even to be a prostitute to have money to reach her goal.



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