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The Controversial Sides of Abortion

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Essay Preview: The Controversial Sides of Abortion

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Abrianna Hicks

English III

Mr. Mcilwain

11 February 2013

The Controversial Sides of Abortion

Some may ask what the most common surgery a woman may have performed and we would think breast implants, lip augmentation or even face lifts. The most common surgery a woman can have done is an abortion. Abortions are known to be a termination of pregnancy by a surgical procedure. Many women are pushed to this decision of aborting a child either because of the feeling they are not able to provide for a child at the time or a spouse may feel like they need to have this done. There are two different sides on the thought about abortion and it is either being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.

Although people who are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice have different views on the act of abortion, there is a common ground that they both stand on. They believe that contraceptives are a way to prevent being pregnant which would lower the rate of abortions in return. There is an emergency contraceptive named Plan B which prevents pregnancy after sexual intercourse. (Walter) The Plan B "morning after pill" is taken for situation a situation where somebody who does not remember to take their birth control, if the contraceptive of a condom breaks during intercourse or if someone is raped. (Finley) Since the Plan B pill does not actually kill the baby both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice could be for this type of contraception. Another reason why these two would compromise about the act of abortion is the case of rape. It is not known to be humane to consider a woman to go through with a pregnancy or not get an abortion if she has been forced to have sexual intercourse. (Finley) Having a lack of information on abortion could also be a factor in Pro-Choice individuals changing their outlook about abortion. Ultrasounds are key factors in the change of mind people get that are for abortions. When pregnant women have ultrasounds done they should have clarity on the way the baby is already developing and know that they already have a heartbeat. People have been able to go from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life because of a clear understanding about what actually happens during an abortion. Others have chosen to be against abortion because of the feeling of guilt from an abortion they could have had done. (Chittom)

Many people who are for abortions feel as if the choice of having an abortion is a personal decision and that the state should not get involved. (Lee) Pro-Choice individuals argue that protecting the rights to have an abortion are the same as allowing someone to make other various decisions in life without the government having a say so. (Lee) On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court decided in Roe v Wade that states could not ban abortions during the first two trimesters except for



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