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Teenage Abortion

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Essay Preview: Teenage Abortion

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Teenage Abortion

What is an abortion? Abortion is a surgical or medical procedure that puts an end to a pregnancy. It is carry out by a licensed physician or medical doctor. ( The rate of abortion nowadays is very high especially the teenagers. According to Jessica Williams, she had brought up the teenage pregnancy rate in America and Britain was twice that of most other industrialised state. Teenagers will have to choose the way after they pregnancy either keep the baby or abortion. Decide to keep the baby is superior than put an end on it because it may cause many harmful effect. Although this is the fact, many young women still end their baby's life due to their age is young. Let's think about it, should you consider an abortion?

First and foremost, why teenagers choose to have an abortion? After I do a research, they stated that the common reasons are general awareness that they are not mature, monetary problem and would change their life and future. ("Facts", 2006)

At first, their age is the mainly problem. They are immature to become a mother. How they would take over a newborn as they didn't have any experience on it? Secondly, Monetary is very important; you need to buy a lot of baby stuffs such as milk powder, nappy or paper diapers and cloth sets. When they start their school, they need more money. Next, they would change their life unwillingly if they keep their baby. After pregnancy, they have to terminate their study and start to work very hard to bring up their children. Due to lack of educate, they only can apply for low salary job, so they are not able to care for their children.

Universally, some reasons are activate too. They had cheated by the irresponsible man who didn't want to take any trouble. Some man is totally mess, they gone and left their partner to solve the problem themselves. After the cause, the teenagers thought abortion is the only way that they can work out.

Teenagers didn't think rationally and put their decision. There are many harmful effects of abortion. They would have emotions include guilty feelings, anxiety, depression, loss, irritation, and even suicide. Clinical research has found that when women are in innocent, sharing relationships, they report deep seated feelings of exploitation over their abortion experience. (Alliance Action Inc 1993, 1) Furthermore, there are some physiological effects, such as, future miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and even breast cancer. Hogue, 1996 acknowledge rate of miscarriages after abortions is a surprising figure at 35% higher than the normal rate. Many young women felt regret because if they want back their baby, they never got pregnant again.

Abortion also carries the risk of significant complications such as bleeding, infection, and damage to organs. ........




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