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The Effect of Substrate Concerntartion on Trypsin

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Essay Preview: The Effect of Substrate Concerntartion on Trypsin

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substrate concentration is another factor that affects enzyme activity. By increasing the substrate concentration the rate of reaction is also increased, due to the fact that there will be more substrate molecules colliding with enzyme molecules. However, after a certain concentration, it will have no effect on the reaction rate because the enzymes are saturated by the substrate and cannot react any faster. When the concentration of an enzyme is increased, the rate of reaction also increases , as long as there is sufficient substrate. At one point this will plateau unless there is unlimited substrate.

Factors that influence enzyme activity are: temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, substrate concentration and cofactors. Temperature just like most chemical reactions will raise the rate in which the enzyme activity occurs- however if the temperature becomes out of the enzymes range the enzyme will denature or work much less efficiently. Each enzyme works more competently in its selected pH range (for example enzymes usually found in the stomach where pH is acidic- will not work as well in the intestines where pH is basic); when it is out of this pH range it works less effectively. The concentration of the enzyme and substrate also affect the ability of the reaction as only so much enzyme can be working on so much substrate at a certain time (, 2015). This means if there is a rise in concentration of enzymes or substrate then the rate of reaction will proceed quicker than that of less concentration. Cofactors and co enzymes are used to increase the rate at which the enzyme works; coenzymes act by attaching themselves to the enzyme in order to support it at the active site, cofactors also increase the rate of reaction but do not physically attach themselves or change the enzymes activity



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