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The Emergence of Classical Civilization

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Essay Preview: The Emergence of Classical Civilization

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The Emergence of Classical Civilization: The Mediterranean & Mideast 2000-500 BCE

Just as Nubia was transformed by interaction w/ Egypt, other newer populated regions in western Asia & Med region were influenced by older civs in Mesop & Egypt

Occurred due to trade, diplomatic contacts, mil conquest, migrations

Spread pol, social(culture, rel, tech. beliefs, practices) & econ ideas & practices

1st Millenium BCE

many in E Hemisphere entering Iron Age, use of bronze declining

iron a single metal, not an alloy as bronze is, therefore iron stronger, had sharper edges

Early civs weaken in 3rd & 2ndmillenium BCE

New societies evolve into pol, cultural, and commericial (econ) ctrs

Mesop & Egypt fall to outside invaders 17th cen BCE

B/t 1500-1200 BCE (late bronze age) sev lg territorial sts dominate Mideast

Fought/competed w/ smaller grps of control of valuable goods & trade routes

Led to widely shared cultures & lifestyles=cosmopolitan

Lots of diplomacy & commercial contacts used to enable trade, led to exchange of ideas as well

Cosmopolitan /era (1700-1100 BCE) time of high standard of living for elites, but most were peasants & did not enjoy such benefits

~1500 BCe

Mesp divided inot 2 pol zones

North = Assyria

South= Babylon (see map p 66)


Made pol & culturally strong under Hammurabi 18-17 cen BCE

Constant flow of Kassites from Zagros Mtns (east)

Eventually take contro, keep own names but adopt Babylonian lang, culture, & intermarried locals

In con troll 250 yrs, trade but do not expand terr

Assyrians another story

Engaged in much trade for asst raw materials & goods

20th Cen BCE Traded tin, textiles for silver

Traded w/ Anatolia (Turkey) from trade ctr on Tigris at Xrd (crossroad)

b/t Anatolia and Anatolian Plain

18th cen BCE gain control of upper Euphrates-Old Assyrian



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