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The Fear of Being an Suspect

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Essay Preview: The Fear of Being an Suspect

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The Fear of Being a Suspect

Waking up one morning, I never thought my daily routine would turn on me. I woke up late and started my day out normally, but fast, and just as I was leaving out the door to catch my car pool, I got an unexpected phone call. I rushed to the phone and sat my keys on the side table. Come to find out it was just a silly sales clerk trying to sale me cemetery lots. I hung up in his face and quickly rushed outside to my car pool ride thinking I had everything prepared.

After work, my ride brought me home and as I was waving goodbye, I was reaching into my pants pockets to retrieve my keys. Thinking to myself, I said, "I know good darn well I didn't forget my keys this morning." I dropped my briefcase and sighed in anger because I was locked out of my house and it was about to rain. I was thinking about how I was going to get in when it dawned on me that I had left a window unlocked because Lola Bradshaw and snuck in the night before. I went to the garage and got a ladder. I didn't want to get my nice suite all dingy, so I covered myself with an old black sweatshirt I had lying around. Getting ready to brace myself, I placed the ladder against the house and began to climb the sturdy steps.

In my neighborhood, there have been recent reports of rash burglaries. I just couldn't get it across my mind as to why a burglar would want this old junk. Reaching the top of the ladder, I was starting to feel very good cause I was thinking to myself that I was about to be reunited with my bed when I heard the polite voice of a police officer. She asked, "Are you the owner of this home?" My eyes became bucked like a deer caught in headlights. I turned my head and saw the police office in uniform. The officer had a gun and that's when my heart started beating like a rushed locomotive. My hands started sweating but I couldn't understand why because I knew I was innocent. The officer politely asked if I had any identification. Lucky for me, my wallet was underneath the old black sweatshirt I had on in the pocket of my suit which housed my driver's license that had my photo and home address.

As I slowly descended the ladder, the officer watched with a very suspicious look on her face. I showed her my license with confidence because I knew she would let me off the hook. She looked at me and smiled and said thank you and that she was just doing her job and keeping a look out for suspicious people snooping around because of all the burglaries.

After the officer, whom was Brittany Bradshaw, had seen that I was the purveyor of the house, she steadied the ladder for me and made sure that I was able to get into my house. Being a suspect wasn't the best feeling in the world. I was extremely nervous but luckily for me, it was only temporary. Then, after I got in, I took that beautiful officer out on a date.



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