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Fear Is the Mind of the Greater Reality

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Essay Preview: Fear Is the Mind of the Greater Reality

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Fear - this is a word that is not in the dictionary are the successful. This fear can appear in many cases, as an excuse or a reason to refrain from doing something we usually do.

Many may not realize, the real fear is much much much smaller than the actual reality.

For example, I myself have this folly once. When I asked to speak before the public. I began to imagine the fear that haunts me.

At first it was only because I did not know started talking ... and then the brain to process this fear. I began to see me speak before the public, and suddenly there are people up and not satisfied with what I said, then someone else started to protest, then there are people who threw rotten eggs right into my face, and then there are people throwing a chair and left the hall where I spoke and then my fantasy continues until finally I became more afraid ....

But in reality, nothing has ever happened like this. I'm lucky because I saw many people like, when I spoke. I gave my speech in the course of the morning to evening, all the while taking notes diligently listen and many who praise too.

This gives me motivation. When I look back to remember the situation five years ago, I began to realize, that my ignorance is no basis at all yet are we in a society that beradap polite. Can not have the will to do as I imagined. Even the most powerful, people will whisper to us of the errors that we do. Normally, this is not.

The second example, say you are a new trader to open a shop and you do not have a business license.

People who are afraid to take any enforcement imagine CCM will invade stores, then they would seize all the goods in the shop, then they will mengari and bring it to the lock-up, then out the front page of newspapers in the "Dealer Arrested Without License", then all the friends- friends will scoff, the family will isolate themselves, each person on the street to spit at the sight of you ...

But the reality is far different. The probability of CCM you came to law enforcement is very small. They have more work to do than look at a small pickled just started in business as you.

If they come at all, they will only be used to alert you to specify the procedures to be done.

So the reality is not as you imagine as before. Real reality is only 0.00001% of what you imagine.

People who managed to overcome this fear is whether people who are successful in various fields or thieves and robbers. These two groups have succeeded in overcoming the fear that they could do something extraordinary.

You do not need to be a robber or a thief to become extraordinary. Just a person who is NOT afraid it is compulsory for you to succeed. But if you do not solve this problem. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WORK.




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