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The Giver Case

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In this perfect society, everything is very orderly. At age one, each child is assigned to a family unit (born from a woman whose occupation is that of birth mother). Two children to a family, one male and one female. At age eight, each child's "comfort object" is recycled and they receive a bicycle. And it's age 12 that each child is given their occupational assignment in which they will serve until it's time to live at the "home of the old." There they live until it's time to be "released." And as a mother, I was very affected by the release of babies and infants. Especially, when Gabe, a one year old, is selected to be released because he didn't sleep through the night yet. Can you imagine?!!

- There are many advantages of Sameness in their community, but there are also disadvantages. For example they get free food but at a certain time. They all get the same things so no one fights over other peoples things. The Elders control the weather and everything else so there are no dangerous storms. They all get bicycles at one point in time. They all get stuffed animals at the beginning of their life. There are no cars so there are not any fumes in the air, and there are not any bad people in their community. The disadvantages are there's no color, everything is grey. They have to take stirrings. The Elders control everything in the community. You have to wait until you are 9 years old until you get your bicycle. You can't choose your job, the Elders choose for you based on your volunteer work. They don't have any memories except for the Giver and the Receiver of memories, and they have to release people for different reasons.



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