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The Glamour Leadership

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The Glamour Leadership

The whole society needs diverse leaderships to form an optimum cycle. Both business person and politicians have to concern the values and beliefs of its subordinates and inheritors. After those leaders are performing their behaviors that are meaningful and attractive to those followers, the leading style of each leader will definitely have an effective influence of combining them to realize a common goal. As far as I am concerned mostly, is the glamour leadership of my father who runs a small business in a domestic county of China. Despite the fact that his glamour leadership is a successful way or achieving goals, his glamour leadership still has to catch up with the timely and useful change to move the company ahead.

The best leaders have five measures to let their dreams come true. One is challenging the process, and then the other four are inspiring a shared vision and enabling others to act, modeling the way and encouraging the heart. People could not choose which background they were born while they could do something positively to improve their lives. First of all, my father did not have a chance to enter into a university due to he did not get the recommendation and permission from the head of village. The social prejudice would not let him become the parasite of the society while leaded he intended to care more about the acquirement of getting more knowledge of physics, then my father became a physics teacher in a middle school and sometimes he put his theory by the practice of receiving the command of the rural collective factory into practice.

On the other hand, my father and my mother tried their best to improve the family condition when they were at twenty five by growing rice in the normal seasons, selling bean sprouts in the supermarket at an early morning almost every day. After the early sale in the supermarket, my father went to teach in the high school and my mother went to work as the director of woman's league. During the time of land reform in China, they were all born in a middle peasant family and got married by the Infant Matrimony from when their mothers were in the pregnancy. The government would largely recover the money from upper class owned too many lands and allocated it to other lower level farmers. My father and my mother did those activities could be a dangerous signal of becoming an upper class person that would in conflict with the governmental policy. Even though the risk existed, my father and my mother still had a strong desire of challenging the social order and willingly to improve the life conditions of the family.

Moreover, my father taught physics so well that showed the average score of his students were closer or even higher than the score in the central middle school of town when the unified tests completed. Once the headmaster of central middle school in town asked him to go and teach there for more wages, he actually wanted to go there but his command was refused by the headmaster of this current school. According his efforts of teaching well and seizing rights in a reasonable way, he went to teach in the middle school and had a chance to meet a nice headmaster who lighted the progressive procedures for my father for a life- long time. He was so smart that to earn enough money to rebuild the house in a village when he was nearly twenty two, after he purchased several materials like bricks and woods, once he asked the suggestion from the headmaster of the central middle school in town, the headmaster directly asked that if my father wanted this kind of life, he could do it without hesitation. This kind of life was not he really wanted to pursue, so he decided to quit his idea of rebuilding the house inside the village.

Secondly, a deeply and continuously vision is promoting a good leader to open his or her area of business. My father actually got a kind of marketing knowledge by selling the sprouts to the customers and then he developed his vision by a visit of Shenzhen City in China. Once he got ill and wanted to see a doctor in ShenZhen, he decided to borrow money from the headmaster and realized his dream of going to other places. The headmaster understood the wills of my father and lent him one hundred RMB to let him go, thanks to the reforming and open-up policy which held by the Chinese government under the designer named Deng Xiao Ping, my father found which kind of product he could produce and found the potential market existed in a large scale. At the beginning, the company was just in a small scale and then became private company when my father was nearly thirty five. When the company moved all its factory sites to the economic developmental zone of Baoying County, the products were becoming variable and durable for the customers to use not only in the domestic area but also in the global area, the vision of my father developed a lot to act locally and think globally.

Meanwhile, the mission is extremely necessary for a good leader to remind himself. The company of my father began with just less than twenty employees like my old grandfather was the guardian of the prime factory, so the original mission of my father was just to earn enough money in return of the middle school and feed ourselves more easily. Then the scale of company became much larger, the location on the campus of the middle school was not suit the development for the company. Therefore, the mission of the company was to produce more profitable products to let the employees to share. Finally, my father had a further mission of developing the private family firm into a quoted company in the next three or five years. Mission really offered a good leader that the direction of walking on or forging ahead, so my father attempted to use various missions to develop the company in a more meaningful way.

Thirdly, a good leader has to combine enough labor force to perform the various tasks. When the company of my father was just a small campus factory, my father just found the people nearby like friends and relatives to open his business. A proverb says that there is no forever friend while there is just common interest in the business area. So those relatives and friends joined together in order to earn more money and share more benefits for nearly several years. After the increasing larger scale of the company became more obviously, some of them were greedy for acquiring more benefits or positions that those desires sometimes could be unreasonable for the company providing to them.

More significantly, creating more effective and efficient managerial style for a good leader is more urgent for them to carry on. In the current company of my father, there are several dynastic changes inside



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