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The Great Wall of America

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Essay Preview: The Great Wall of America

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The Wall of War

The Great wall of America between United States and Mexico established as a result of war between two countries and the war continued between two countries from May 1846 to February 1848. Due to this war a lot of differences created between two countries, which ultimately results in strategic ties in the region and of course in the establishment of wall. The results of this war was the establishment of wall which now commonly known as the great wall of America. The war started at that time because both countries never show any kind of patience and both wanted to fulfill their objectives.

The war started during the presidency of President Polk and due to different point of view on territory of California. Some other factors and causes also contributed towards this war but the main point due to which this war initiated was the claims of both countries on California. The president of United States wanted to add state of California in United States of America but Mexico was not ready for this; Mexico wanted the attainment of Texas. In order to solve this problem, President Polk sent a commission to Mexico but it was of no use due to harsh attitude of Mexico government. The war started basically due to misunderstanding like president Polk sent some of his army to Mexico in order to capture particular territory. The Mexican army do some attacks on United States army and these attacks were considered as a start of war from Mexican side, so as a result of this the congress of United States declared war against Mexico and from here war begins.

If Congress and the President of United States of America do some detail analysis before declaring war then the situation would be totally different. The congress does hurry in declaring war, which became the main drawback in the Mexican war. The war continued for almost two years and during that war United States army conquered a lot of land or areas of Mexico. The army of United States was victorious as compared to Mexican army although the army of Mexico was greater in number than United States. This difference originated mainly because the army of United States was more equipped and trained as compared to Mexican army. The Mexico wanted to add Texas in her territory due to which the difference created between United States and Mexico. Between both countries different point of view originate because both wanted to seek their objectives. If United States before declaration of war waits and shows patience then the situation was never going to be so much worsted.

The Great wall of America was established after the war as the Mexico was almost conquered by America but President Polk never wanted to acquire Mexico. The main aim or objective of United States was to gain the territory of California. All that happened in history cannot be reversed back but the war could be avoided at that time if both countries



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