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The History of Dinosaurs

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The history of DINOSAURS!

The history of the dinosaurs is that they can run very fast and they can kill there protectors. Some of the dinosaurs are not meat eaters and some are plant eaters. They can be like a t-rex and they are meat eaters but if the t-rex does not eat it will die. But the dinosaurs did not die by itself it was a meteor it crash into the earth. When the dinosaurs are the one that did not live long enough. The dinosaurs are not the first ones on the planet plants where the first one on the earth because their the one that started life on the earth right after the dinosaurs it was the cave man people they were the second one on the earth but some of the scientist found foils that are dinosaurs and also cave man but to us they are our ant sisters way back before Jesus was born they what happened.

The history of VOLCANOS.

Kilauea volcano, on the southernmost island of Hawaii, is one of the most active volcanoes on earth. Kilauea has a 165m deep circular caldera at its summit that measures 3 times 5m (or 6 times 6km including the outer most ring faults. It is said that Kilauea is the home to Pele, the volcano goddess of ancient Hawaiian legends. The current eruption of Kilauea (known as the pu'u'o'o eruption) started in Jan.1983 as of January 2000, has produced 1.9 km3 of lava, had covered 102km2, and had added 205 hectares to Kilauea's southern shore.IN the process, lava flows unfortunately it destroyed 181 houses and resurfaced 13m of lava. It has also destroyed the national park visitor center and a 700year old Hawaiian. temple (waha'ulaneiau). There are no signs that the current eruption is slowing or will come to an end any time soon.



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