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The Importance of a Good Linkedin Profile

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Essay Preview: The Importance of a Good Linkedin Profile

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The importance of a good LinkedIn profile

When developing an online profile for professional reasons, there are certain guidelines that should be considered throughout the process. By following these guidelines, you will be able to ensure that your profile will represent you in a flattering way to potential employers. In this essay, I will describe my profile page what information I chose to include, and why I chose the information that I did.

The creation of the page for the purposes of this assignment was easy. I had actually already created a LinkedIn profile page several years ago, but never did anything with it. I chose to go in to this existing account and give it a “facelift”. After finally remembering my log in information after so long of not using it, I was able to view my profile. The first thing that I did was add a profile picture. I was careful in selecting the picture I would use as I wanted to make sure that it was inviting and professional. After selecting and uploading the photo I wanted to use, I chose to move on to the career section. This where I was able to tell people where I work and what my position is, what experience I have in my field and I was also able to discuss the volunteer work that I do. This information tells potential employers about my skills, abilities and qualifications for the job. I want to make sure that I am detailed with what my job duties were at each job I have listed in order to make myself look desirable.

By adding in the companies that I have worked for, LinkedIn was able to automatically find connections for me. These suggested connections are people either working for the same company that I do, or companies that do similar things. Because of this feature of LinkedIn, I was able to go through and find contacts and connections that would best suit me in my job searches and networking needs. The third step that I took was to find the education section. I first input the associate degree that I earned back in 2012 for medical office management, and then I input the bachelor’s degree that I am working on at Walden University for Human Services. This information will show potential employers that I am currently working on a degree and in hat field to determine my qualifications for a position in their company. Finally, I was able to select hashtag topics that I find interesting, or that have to do with my career or networking status. The hashtag topics provide my profile page with articles or current event having to do with those topics. They also show my motivation or doing what I do. Some of the hashtags that I chose were happiness, motivation, and emotional health. Once I chose my hashtag topics, I was able to go through the profile page and make sure that everything was exactly how I wanted it to look to the public and potential future employers.

In conclusion, setting up an online profile can be helpful to us during



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