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The Kudler Fine Foods

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Essay Preview: The Kudler Fine Foods

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The Kudler Fine Foods frequent shopper program is dealing with legal, ethical, and information security concerns of these program development. Kudler Fine Foods deal mainly in perishable, because Kathy Kudler store do not use any preservatives. Kudler perishable goods are 12%. The items are being automated rotated out of every two or three days. It mostly being thrown away or donated to area charities. The donated food is not in good condition that being removed from the shelf on an outgoing base.

The specialty shops with high pay-roll from baker, butcher, wine steward, and etc. This payroll of specialty positions is higher than that of the stock personnel and clerks. The Kudler store is having qualified people for these positions when someone quits or when a new Kudler Fine Food store has open. This can become a problem for the store. The small management teams have a lot of task, when Kathy is sick on vacation. The problem comes when no one is able to order replacement to deal with major store issues.

The new system for the frequently shopper program is an opportunity to bring an outside management to help run the procedure. Kathy will have a difficult time running multiple locations, realize the fact she doing everything that needs to be done for this program. Kathy will lose money for the store when she think of hiring someone's for helping her out with purchasing and inventory tracking for this program.

The Kudler Fine Food store makes lose customer due to another gourmet store open in the geographic area. This can bring problem to the store when the new system goes into effect for the frequent shopper program. It can bring a lot of competition to the store that makes it lose, and the plan can end up into a failure. So this program may need to have a backup plan if there is another gourmet store in their area. I believe Kathy need to make sure she has enough stock for just in case they lose stock.

The economy may be another problem to the Kathy Frequent Shopper Program, when customer may stop buying gourmet store grocery. People may decide that the price is too high and not able to afford their product. Even some customer's from the past may have lost their job, or fall into debt. So economy may become a big deal for this program and a new system to become a successful or to succeed.

Kudler store have a short shelf-life on perishable goods. Kathy will often inventory her stock, either through sales or replace product, to keep the stock fresh. Now the Kudler will have to add another program to begun track sales versus the time of year. They can do more to the store by accurately the right quantity from year to year and location to location.

Kudler store might always be at the risk of being able to fail. The fact is that their other gourmet store like in New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis, and other well-known gourmet stores. They have been in business sixty years or more recognize that this can be a very stable business once it is established. Many people are migrated East Coast that are living in Southern California and becoming unable to get majority of the



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