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The Little Prince

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For the author,the grown ups are the people who is neither a children or a teenager. In short, they are the people in their adulthood (including me). And that is one of the reason why I got curious on this book. On the outside cover, you can say that this book is primarily for kids only, and the illustrations on it is very simple too. But if you read it and reflect on it, you will know that this book is for everyone. It has many lessons on it, not only for the children, but as well for the adults, like me. :)

This book is reminding us not to be like the other grown ups on the book.

That we shouldn't be like the king, who rules the thing that shouldn't be ruled; the conceited man, who is so self centered; we shouldn't be like the tippler, who so lazy doing nothing but to drink liquors and the businessman, who is so busy aiming to become so rich; and we should't be like the geographer, who doesn't have the time to look around and sees what lies in his world.

I think this book reminds us that we should be like the lamplighter; who is so dedicated on the task given to him; or like the fox,who can inspire or uplift others; or the pilot; who admits his mistakes as he changes into a better grown ups; and most especially, we should be like the little prince,who lives simply and knows haw to value true friendship.



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