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The Little Prince

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Essay Preview: The Little Prince

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Jessica Duff

The Little Prince

20 Questions

1. Who was your favorite character in the book and how does this character relates to healthcare?

My favorite character in the book was the fox, because he understands the importance of having a true friend. The fox relates to healthcare by the way he wants someone to care for him.

2. Why does the rose think she can protect herself?

She feels she can protect herself because she has her four thorns.

3. What did the little prince ask the pilot (narrator) to draw for him

He asks him to draw a sheep.

4. What is does the word "tame" means to the fox?

The word tame means to have a friend on someone who loves you.

5. What planet did the prince come from?


6. What was the terrible little seed on the Prince's planet?


7. How many days of water did the narrator have?

He had eight days of water.

8. How did the narrator end up in the desert?

His plane crashed.

9. Although the narrator wanted to be an artist when he was younger, what did he become?

A pilot

10. In the begin of the story what was drawling one?

An elephant eating a boa constrictors

11. What did the adults think drawling one was?

A hat

12. What was drawling number two?

The inside of the boa constrictor where you can see the elephant.

13. Why did he drawl number two drawling?

To show the adults that it was not a hat.

14. How do will the narrator judge if he wants to be friends with another adult?

If the other adult understands drawling number one and not think it is a hat.

15. How long has the business man been on his planet?

54 years.

16. What did the narrator and prince go looking for in the desert?

A well.

17. How long ago did the narrator crashed into the desert?




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