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The Lord of the Rings - Movie Review

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The Lord Of The Rings is one of the best movies that I've ever seen. It won 17 Oscars for a variety of categories such as: sounds effect, visual effect and best editing. It has three different parts (The Fellowships, The Towers and The Return Of The King), and in each part of the movie has amazing effects that would attract anyone. I won't forget that night at the cinema when I went with my friends to watch The Lord Of the Rings; it was interesting and worthy to watch. The director of this movie created such a nice movie by adding a lot of effects, especially the visual effects. The best part in this movie was the battle scenes, which was in the final part (The Return Of The King). They were really exciting with all the effects that made it one of the best movies of the year. Actors did a great job to make sure this movie will be successful. Even though it was very long movie, it worth every single minute to watch. The director made a great job by creating a movie that has different scenes like love, sex, hate, loyalty, action and sacrificing. What makes this movie interesting is the great ending. At the end of the movie, the audiences will realize what was all the three parts was about. It's amazing to combine three parts of a movie in one great ending. Unlike others movies, some director mean to produce another parts of a movie just to make some money without thinking about a great ending that most audiences are looking for. Everyone loved the characters of the movie and I remembered when I dressed just like them on the Halloween day.

On the other hand, one of my friends really hated the movie. He thinks that it's very long and boring. Since there are three part of this movie (The fellowship of the ring, the two towers and the return of the king), My friend thinks that they made the second and the last part just to get some money. He thinks it's like a greedy from the director. Also, My friend noticed that there's something wrong in the first part of the movie. In one part, were played by two different actors, one has a blond hair while the other has black hair. In addition, in the First part of the movie (The Fellowships), all the enemies were black skins and. Since my friend is a black African, he thinks that this film is very racism. My friend believes that the director of the movie; The Lord Of The Rings has stolen some ideas from another movie. For instance, some character has been stolen from Shrek movie and some from harry potter. It sounds really wired for my friend ands I who liked this movie a lot because we didn't notice all of that. There were another scene that one girl killed nine giant creatures which makes it silly for our friend. "How silly it's that a girl could kill nine huge creatures like this." he added .He says that the movie is a fantasy film and nothing real abut it .He was frustrated



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