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The Marketing Plan for Dermes - Professional Hair Removal Centre in Hong Kong

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Essay Preview: The Marketing Plan for Dermes - Professional Hair Removal Centre in Hong Kong

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Module: Marketing (BUS4005)

Higher Diploma in Business Psychology and Management [BA124021/2]

Group Project

Wong Pui Shun, Dande (140060591)

Wong Shuk Fan, Dena (140345977)

Sung Yuen Lam, Miki (140155961)

Li Tsz Yung, Dorothy (140009005)

Deadline for submission: 2 December, 2015

Topic: The Marketing Plan for ‘dermes’

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  1. Executive Summary

‘dermes’ is a professional Hair Removal Centre in Hong Kong. It has developed the optical hair removal technology. The company got the HKMA Quality Management Award by the parent brand NEO DERM. ‘dermes’ used eligible for FDA and EU-approved safe and effective recognized professional TKS selective photo thermal technique. It compare to other optical principle, the energy can be concentrated more in-depth hair follicles deep and effective to eradicate hair.  The purpose is ’single –minded focus’ and be the best one of specialized optical hair removal services to provide professional medical beauty centre. This marketing plan illustrates the market segment, employing strategy which is get customers and create a solid revenue stream. In this marketing plan, that would know about Situation Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Objectives, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Tactics, Marketing Budget and Marketing Control and Evaluating Marketing Performance. That would focus on the technology develop to provide better services and focus on the hair removal services and giving ‘dermes’ customer a new outlet to enjoy the services.

  1. Situation Analysis

The background information on market offering customer needs, target market, market definition and characteristics, etc. are relevant, comprehensive, and systematic.


2.1 The ‘dermes’ background information

        About the ‘dermes’ background information on the market offering since1999 in         Hong Kong opened ‘dermes’, actively research laser hair removal technology. In         "One-on-one bespoke service" for the purpose, become the Hong Kong         specialize in providing professional hair removal service medical beauty centre.

        ‘dermes’ introduce advanced laser hair removal technology and equipment from         the United States, and the most effective hair removal treatment approved by         FDA and CE. It established its leading position in the industry; it has now         become Hong Kong epilation a leading brand.

        Moreover, a few years ago ‘dermes’ have stressed have 10 thousand people         witness and a lot of advertising offensive. Make ‘dermes’ is equal to 755nm laser         hair removal this image has gradually permeated through the people. And,         ‘dermes’ selected as a spokesperson is a local famous artist.

  1. The customer needs

‘dermes’ is laser hair removal and target market is the public women. ‘dermes’ use centralized marketing concept, it understand the needs of the masses of women for hair removal and requirements, to provide customers with permanent laser hair removal services.

  1.  Concerning the market position: 
  1. Identify viable competitive advantage.

‘dermes’ provide to customers compared with competitors more valuable products and services. For example, ‘dermes’s’ selection of the world recognized the hair removal technology in order to achieve the purpose of safety reliable reassurance. As well as is one-on-one bespoke service and the staff are well-trained. Especially ‘dermes’s’ brand image has gradually permeated through the people.

  1. Select the appropriate competitive advantage.

Integration among the ‘dermes’ employees, made with the customer happy as the goal, such as some more conversations with customers and say something encouraging words with customers. Make customers feel ‘dermes’ is relaxed and alleviate pressure, to consolidate relationships with customers. ‘dermes’ think this contributes to the whole team together been obtained.

  1. Characteristics
            ‘dermes’ is a professional team and safety services, one-on-one bespoke service         and exceptional follow-up service.

  1. Professional Team
    Pioneering in TKS (Thermo Kinetic Selectivity) technology, ‘dermes’ are offered the safest and the most effective hair removal treatment approved by FDA and CE.
    In Addition, ‘dermes’s’ aestheticians are well-trained in order to ensure the safety of treatment. They are required to pass a series of stringent medical laser application and simulation tests.
  1. One-on-one bespoke service
    Professional team-based aestheticians will be solely responsible for every step of your treatment. You will be taken care by a team that truly understands and caters your needs with full dedication.
  2. Exceptional follow-up service.
    With our exceptional RSAT (Result Satisfaction) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) system, ‘dermes’ guarantee your satisfaction on the treatment results and our service quality. Upon the completion of any hair removal treatment package(s), you can enjoy up to 3 times of exclusive hair consultation annually.
  1. SWOT Analysis

3.1. A SWOT analysis will help emphasize exactly what we are doing right or wrong. It will provide us an insight on what the company is good at, and in what areas ‘dermes’ could use assistance. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) are described below:

  1. Strengths
    There are 16 -year history of ‘dermes’ since 1999. ‘dermes’ have good reputation because the Company provides a forever promise to customers. If you join a package in ‘dermes’, you have no limited to use the package as you like. Many company provide limited services to customers not as same as ‘dermes’. Customers have more confidence in ‘dermes’ because they promise will help customers work the problems out. You only pay for one time, your package can use forever. This is a strong selling point. Also, they provide a good services all the time such as they with content you when you finish the treatment after three day, like a friend to chat with you and ask how the feeling about the treatment. Not only provide a nice environmentally, but also provide a free snack and tea to customers. Some people are afraid ‘dermes’ just advertising effect to attract customers. In fact, ‘dermes’s’ staff are professional because they request their staff have test every year. If the staff cannot pass the test, company will request them go to training class again until pass the test.

  1. Weakness
    About the weakness, ‘dermes’ not enough diversification because it only provide epilation services. They are not selling the beauty product to customers to earn more money as same as other company. ‘dermes’ think provide beauty product to customers are including in package because company have responsibility to take care customers. This way can help ‘dermes’ to build up a well business image but the profit are depending on how many epilation package you sold. In the other hand, some people are not willing choose the ‘dermes’ because they think the course fee are too expensive than other company. They are preferred to choice low quality and cheaper. In fact, dermes's braches are set up in causeway, admiralty and central. The salary and rent express are high than other place so their course are expensive. So, competitors are willing to provide cheaper price for course to increase their market share.
  2. Opportunities
    ‘dermes’ invite Annie Liu(劉心悠) become their spokesperson since 1999. It can built up a positive image in the business so many people have more confidences in ‘dermes’. Even though ‘dermes’s’ course fee is expensive, people are willing to join a course because of the market demand. They want to be beautiful and dress they want. When you are dressing vest but you still have hair in your underarm that I think every girl will be feel embarrassed. In Hong Kong, female are more than man so it can clear to explain why the market demand are large. At the same time, ‘dermes’ use coupon to attract consumers to introduce new customers. They consider student may not afford the fee so they willing to provide student discount. The course fee is cheaper than adult but student also a second large market.
  1. Threats
    ‘Medilase’ is the first competitors of ‘dermes’ . ‘Medilase’ invite Jennifer Tse(謝婷婷) become their spokesperson and do some advertising to increase the brand reputation. The company said more people compare more people transfers and they are willing to provide a discount if you transfer from ‘dermes’ company. Also, they provide the similar course fee and said their technology is better than ‘dermes’. This way will divide the market share of ‘dermes’.
  1. Marketing Objectives
  1. To make a marketing plan to increase the sales profit
  2. To make more promotion to attract new customers
  3. To keep the existing customers
  4. To expand the market e.g not only in HK, open branch in Korea or Japan, etc.
  1. Marketing Strategies
  1. Undifferentiated (mass) marketing 

This strategy focuses on what is common in the needs of consumers rather than on what is different.

  1. Differentiated (segmented) marketing 

It decides to target several market segments and designs separate offers for each. By developing different market offers, it hopes for higher sales and a stronger position within the market segment. However, differentiated marketing can increases costs. Therefore, it must weigh increased sales against increased costs when deciding on this strategy.

  1. Concentrated (niche) marketing

This approach is especially appealing when it have limited resources. It can market more effectively by fine-tuning its products to the needs of carefully defined segments.



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