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The Matrix - Movie Review

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The movie was about Neo,Neo was in danger,Neo has the matrix that’s why there are men’s following him and want to kill him.Trinity help Neo,she take Neo to the man,their boss,the man let Neo to choose which pills is he wantto take,either the blue where he will wake up in the reality or the red one,which will take him where the white rubbit goes down.Neo choose the red one and there he is,in the place where many people are being computerized.He scape from there ,and go with the group of Trinity,he was in another place again with the man,Trinity’s boss.There was something plug-in in Neo’s head. The man explain everything to Neo ,where he is now,whether is he one of the people who are being computerized or with them,Trinity’s place.The other member of the group of Trinity was also has plug-in,and also Trinity,they are all together escaping from the man,Smith,whose following them,especially Neo.Three of the team die,because of Cypher,one of their team,he wanted to be real,and leave that life that he is having now.After that,Trinity and Neo go back to the Nebuchadnezzar.They save Morpheus,their other team member that has been taken by those mens who’s following Neo.After they save Morpheus, they are now going back on the Nebuhadnezzar,but Neo left because one of Smith who is following him,fire his gun on the telephone.Neo almost die but he escape.He is in a place,like a partment,it is the matrix,he enter one of the room but he was shoot by a gun from a man,Smith,and he got many shots,he really almost die but after Brown check if he is dead,he stand up straight like there is no pain,it is because he is in the matrix,he has the matrix.He kicked out Smith then the other two men,Brown and Jones,escape using a helicopter.The phone rings again and Neo go back in the Nebuhadnezzar.

Neo ,a computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.Neo really want to know about the matrix.He is brave even he is in the end of his life.

The movie “The Matrix” was pertaining on what would be the people’s life,either inside the world of computer or the world where we are now.The movie want us to relate on using technology and science,because in this generation where we are now,are now full of technology and science,because of science technology was invented,technology are now being studied to make it more better and also technology make our life easier.



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