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The Minoans Case

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Modern- Swindale, I (1998-2008) Mallia (internet) Ian Swindale, Rethymno Greece, (accessed 31/11/11)

Ancient- The excavated site of the palace of Mallia in Crete, Greece

Art- there were many frescoes uncovered during excavation eg. ............... this demonstrates a important and dominant role of art work in the life of the Minoans it was used to express many custimes of every aspect of there lives eg................... The colourful murals and decorative frescos

The Sacred Tree and Dance fresco shows a group of wealthy women or priestesses dancing, it is notable that their skin is much paler than that of the men. This may be representative of a wealthy indoor lifestyle or of a ceremonial painting of the skin. Many of the wealthy women shown in the Sacred Tree and Dance fresco and the Aghia Triadha fresco are seen as priestesses and played a very important part in Minoan society. Certain women are also believed to have held the highest rank among the Minoan people, especially in the textile and pottery industries and in religion, as documented in the sections of the Linear B tablets.

Everyday life

The growing of olive trees and the production of oil also suggests trade and farming occupation.

impressive discovery is the untouched olives with the flesh preserved, found at the bottom of a cup sunk in a water cistern at the Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros. The Minoans used olive oil in their diet, as a cleanser instead of soap, as the base for scents and ointments, as a medicine, in tanning, for lighting and to protect delicate surfaces.

stone olive presses have been found in Crete. The one in Vathypetro, Archanes is believed to be the oldest in Europe. Olive oil was stored in large pithoi like those found in the West Magazines of the Minoan Palace of Knossos, with a total estimated capacity of 250,000 kilos.



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