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The Movie Glory

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Both the North and South had their disagreements towards each other. Especially about the idea

of slavery. The movie Glory gives us a great visualization on the Civil War. Glory explains about the 54th Massachusetts which was the first black regiment, they were going against their former slave owners in the South. Although the North hated the idea of slavery, there was still a bunch of racism and racial slurs that went out throughout the training. I myself noticed quite a few during the movie.

The Union had many African American soldiers who were once slaves that join in one Regiment, the 54th Massachusetts who was lead by the Colonel. Throughout the movie, there was some parts where the black soldiers were treated unfairly like the pay checks. White soldiers were getting paid $13.00 a month and the Black soldiers got paid $3 less, so $10.00 a month, it was definitely not fair for them. Another racist event that occurred was instead of going to war and fighting they were used as labor workers. They were basically slaves in uniforms, the 54th did not like that idea at all and their Colonel agreed. The North took in the African Americans but still treated them unfairly.

As for the South, of course they showed signs of racism. While at the Fort battle, the 54th volunteered to lead and take out the fort. Many died. Towards the end of the war, half of the 54th got through but wanted to surrender. Usually in a war they would allow you to surrender. But since the 54th Massachusetts was a black regiment, the Confederates did not let them surrender and killed them all. It wasn't a surprise to me that the South showed no mercy to the Black soldiers of the Union.



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