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The Movie "three Hundred"

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Essay Preview: The Movie "three Hundred"

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The movie "Three Hundred" is a fiction movie which retells the battle of Thermopylae between Spartans and Persian Empire in 480 BCE. Under the leading of Leonidas, King of Sparta, three hundred Spartans defend with the massive Persian army. Spartans try to prevent the advance of Persian soldiers and navy at the pass of Thermopylae which is also called the "Hot Gate". The Persian Empire of Xerxes wants to take hold of Greece, so they send ambassadors to convince king Leonidas. However, King Leonidas does not agree; in contrast, he and his three hundred best soldiers go to fight the Persian army. Spartan soldiers exterminate enormous Persian solider by striking back Persian soldiers through the funnel of the Hot Gate. Unfortunately, a hunchbacked Spartan who is refused to be Spartan soldier betrays Leonidas; he tells Persians about the secret path which will help the Persian soldiers surround and outflank the Spartans. Finally, king Leonidas and his soldiers sacrifice courageously for protecting their homeland.

According to me, there are several things in the movie matching up with the martial arts of Spartan that I have read and learn about it. First of all, boys leave home at age seven in order to join the army. They will live in the barracks, drilling to learn discipline. For example, Leonidas is trained to be a good soldier of Sparta and he has to knock down the big wolf with his only spear. In addition, women are described in the movie as backing up, indeed reinforcing their men. For instance, Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, supports her husband and takes care of their son while Leonidas is defending with Persian. One more thing is the fashion custom, I have notice the Spartan helmets which are similar to the Greek helmets figures. The helmets are metal that covers over your head and around the ears are more protective.

In contrast, there are some points that are not accurate based on historical records. First, the Persian soldiers are portrayed as demons and monsters. Then, Persian soldiers are called switches because they use magic which are like homemade bombs. Secondary, Persian King, Xerxes is described as an androgynous with his movements and numerous of piercing on his face and body. Then, non- Sparta, ordinary Greek people are illustrated weaker than Spartan. For example, on the way to Thermopylae, Leonidas and his soldier meet Greek troops who want to join Leonidas to battle the Persian army. However, they reveal as blacksmiths, porcelains and farmers.

In conclusion, "Three Hundred" is a great movie that demonstrates one of the most important battles in the Western Civilization. Even though, there are some mistakes about illustrating characters, the movie does retell accurately about the battle, as well as the Greek society at that time. Besides, my favorite character is Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, she is a brave woman. She loves her husband and supports him, as well as his career. In my opinion,



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