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The National Jazz Hall of Fame

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Essay Preview: The National Jazz Hall of Fame

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The National Jazz Hall of Fame

1) What is the project Mr. Rutland is trying to manage? Has it stayed the same?

Mr. Rutland's project is the National Jazz Hall of Fame. Originally, it was meant to be a project of saving and restoring the Paramount theatre in Charlottesville by creating his own idea of establishing a National Hall of Fame for jazz music. The goal is to mainly remember great jazz artists, educate the public on the importance of jazz in American culture and history and to serve jazz enthusiasts (p.134). The project itself then turned into some difficulties and changes due to a lack of interest among the nation that reflected in having less profit than necessary and expected. That is why the consultant was hired and why several market researches were made.

Rutland now tries to fulfill his idea, wants to get national recognition through expansion and therefore needs some investors and financial support. This is what the "new" and actual project now is: finding possibilities and a new strategic plan to compete with other National Halls of Fame and to finally save his project of the National Jazz Hall of Fame in Charlottesville. As already indicated in the heading of this case, the project started out as one thing and then evolves into something different: it has not stayed the same.

2) Identify the various stakeholders in the project, including the competition.

There are several stakeholder (=a person, group, organization, member or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions). In this case, the National Hall of Fame is located in Charlottesville and thus possible changes and effects of this project affect all citizens, the council and city itself. Mr. Rutland should always inform his stakeholders about his plans, try to get their attention so that there may result some helpful advices or innovative ideas that could finally help him to fulfill his project.

Especially the competitors are important to consider: there are other Hall of Fames within the whole US, but also smaller, local ones like high schools and colleges that also play a variety of jazz arrangements as part of their repertoire (p.137) and thus could endanger the NJHF's success and survival.

+ National Association of Jazz Educators???

3) Of the skills mentioned in the chapter that a project manager needs, which are most important here? Why?

In our opinion, the most important skills for the project at hand mentioned in chapter three are the following:

- Motivation: This is in general one of the most important skills that a project manager always needs to have. He should be able to motivate his team and environment. This includes being convincing, trying to internalize the goals in time, acting as a role model and just giving his team the feeling of trust, honesty, loyalty etc.

- Sensitivity (personal feelings): Since it is kind of his own idea and project, Rutland might be not that aware of all the problems because he is not willing to give up his dream and does



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