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The Negative Impact of Text Messaging on Today's Society

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Essay Preview: The Negative Impact of Text Messaging on Today's Society

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The Negative Impact of Text Messaging on Today's Society

Almost every one with a cell phone has done it. In 2005 some 45 billion text messages were expected to be sent by cell phone users in the US. SMS or "short messaging service" has become a cultural phenomenon that only continues to grow. Conversations have become quick and easy, cheaper too than actually making a phone call. It gives people the ability to find what is going on with friends and family without wasting minutes on small talk. As with any phenomenon, we look at the possible outcomes and the data acquired to how it will affect us in the long run. This essay will provide that and the reasoning for how it negatively impacts our society today.

With so many messages being sent, it comes to no surprise that lots of texting can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The age group most at risk is young adults, from pre-teens to twenty-year-olds as they make up the bulk of the text messages being sent. For teens, it has become an English teacher nightmare with normal English being replaced by shorthand from texting. "I see" becomes "I C," "talk to you later" becomes "tlk 2 u l8r" and "laughing out loud" is "lol." The list of abbreviations goes on with new slang added to get a long message in shorter and fewer words. IM language became wildly popular as it would take lots of time to type out a simple message on the phone keypad.

One man states, "The act of texting automatically removes 10 I.Q. points." Some parents agree as one lady's fifteen year-old son summer hire application read, "i want 2 b a counselor because I love 2 work with kids." Many kids are so accustomed to IM that they use it in speech and writing outside of the phone. Much of teachers do today is to un-teach phone talk and re-teach proper grammar and spelling.

IMing, though, can be a danger, especially on the road or on a worksite. While there are no official statistics, there is still much evidence that accidents stemming from texting is on the rise. One such case is of a commuter train crash, the worse in four decades, which happened because the operator was texting and did not halt for an oncoming train. Some states have taken action to ban cell phones from job sites and while driving. Texting can become an addicting habit and while many people love it, some come to loathe it. Parents complain of their children not being able to get any sleep from being text message by friends and one lady quipped, "...the obnoxious person in front you texting instead of ordering their coffee..." She goes on to say, "We are not at a point where there are a whole lot of rules for proper etiquette for texting. I think as it becomes a more acceptable form of communication, people will regulate themselves more."



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