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The Outgrowth of Buisness

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Essay Preview: The Outgrowth of Buisness

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why do you think there's a delete button on every device or for every app,they also have a clear data option for it but have you have you ever wondered why there's no delete or clear data option for us humans,after all we can also be considered as a device or an app for we provide things for other people and the place we live in except we have alot of options,we have a mind of our own and we do everything and anything which we think is right.I have always longed for a delete button as my memories bought me both sadness and happiness so I put them into two files so when I finally find my delete button I can delete my sad memories.One of my close friends used to say why do we need friends when we are already going to die and as a matter of fact I somehow couldn't answer him back.That question made me think everything in a very different kind of view and i dont know why,is it because of the fear that I'm going to die some day and I had no idea how it was going to be after it or is it that I just dont know what to think.But when I think again those bad memories were kind of like lessons.Lessons you should remember so that you wont make the same mistakes again.They say you need something to distract you so that you may forget the other thing that you think is precious but isn't actually.This might not be a story but feelings of the people i know bundled up together in a book.Feelings are the pscychological feature of experiencing affective and emotional states well that was the dictionary definition of a feeling let met tell you what i know about feelings, feelings can be calssified into two,positive and negative feeings.But the thing about feelings is that positive feelings can change into negative feelings and negative into positive.They are things which doesn't have stability but in rare cases it remains the same forever and ever.In my point of view feelings can be expressed in frequencies,frenquencies such as music and dance they both are like portals into a different universe far away from our world.I'm saying that our world is sometimes very irritating and dangerous ,sometimes you feel like going someplace else this happens when your feeling sad and lonely and all you want to do is just scream,and I think music or dance is the best solution.Cause it helped me and im sure it will help you too.

     CHAPTER 1


Happiness is something that you cant say or put into words or record it but that feeling is amazing but you cant feel the same everyday if you do then guess what you're  not human.There are two types of happiness one is CONTENTMENT and the other is INTENSE JOY.What is contentment?it is a kind if happiness that depends on the situation of ones life.Well intense joy on the other hand is an extreme deegree of great hapiness.So when do you feel happy?well..that is different for everyone.Sometimes it depends upon certain situations such as if a person soo close to you is going to die and there is just a slight possibility of living and in the last moment the doctor comes up to you and says he made it,that is happiness in a very different way that is sad to happy.Not everyone in this world can experience that.And then there is happiness to sadness take the same situation and after the doctor says that he made it after an hour the guy just loses oxygen and cant see anything and all the nurses start rushing and you start panicking and you'll see the nurses rushing to call the doctor and after a long time of utter silence ,the doctor opens the door and you go rushing towards him asking whether he's okay and the doctor doesnt speak for like 30 seconds and then he says I'm so sorry and just walks away from your sight.

Sometimes happiness can occur when someone is in love.They feel happy when they look at them,think about them or talk about or talk to them.That can be called short term happiness.An example for long term happiness is family love.Your family will love you no matter what,they don't care if you're adopted or if you're a criminal or you disobey them or even put them in an old age center,even though they show hatred there is always love in their hearts.Thats what a family is.Eveywhere and anywhere where  there is love there will be happiness. Hapiness is not only a feeling but also an emotion.An emotion is a moving of the soul or mind whether pleasing or painful,agitation or disturbance of mind caused of or by a specific cause or person which means alot to us.Every feeling which occurs to us has a particular cause.Happiness is something that comes and goes.

A particular kind of happiness is children.At first you got to suffer alot to attain this treasure but once you have attained it,its a roller coaster of hapiness.I guess to all parents ,well most of them,their children are their source of happiness.I guess leting go is also a part of happiness.Happiness increases life,that is enjoying time with family, sharing things and just be happy.

But theres a question which arises in my mind; is there a secret behind happiness?              Happiness is a feeing which is too complex and an emotion to control.Humans are complicated creatures.There are two components of happiness that is cognitive and emotional.Cognitive is a satisfaction of life whereas emotion is the raw experience of joy.I guess if we can control our mind we can attain a state of happiness which is limited.There are certain things we still do not know about our body.I believe happiness can happen whenever we want it to happen.We just have to believe in ourselves.

Happiness is the agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind;the possesion of those circumstances or the state of being which is attened enjoyment.

It is completely impossible for a person to define his happiness.Some people think that happiness can only be atained in the utter state of perfection but let me tell you what perfection is.Perfection is just a man made illusion.Humans are beautiful because they are imperfect no one in this whole wide world can be perfect cause it something like we see in the desert called a mirage or something.We should have  a cause for doing something.

According to my research about happiness there is a science behind.Basically we experience happiness due to the chemical reactions happeneing inside our bodies and brains.There are many biochemicals which are responsible for our emotions and feelings they can be either neurotransmitters or hormones.There are basically four major chemicals that influence our happiness,and they are abbreviated in an acronym called DOSE that is                                





Later on another hapiness molecule was discovered called ANANDAMIDE,which has been taken from the sanskrit word anand meaning joy,and added to amide.When we are happy these happiness chemicals are released and as a matter of fact we can activate or produce these happiness chemicals naturally.                                                                                                      



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