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How to Write a Buiseness Letter

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Essay Preview: How to Write a Buiseness Letter

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Your name


Address 2

Phone Number



To whom you are writing to

To where they work

Their address

Their address 2

Dear (whom you are writing to)

Purpose for writing the letter

How you can benefit their business/ (work)

How you feel you can help

Conclusion (wrap it all up)


Your name







March 23, 2012

Mr. Heart




Dear Mr. Heart

I am writing this letter from my business to suggest a product to buy. I have read an article stating the pros and cons of the top products to buy for a computer. These products are a bundle of keyboards and mice that are made from the top companies in the business. I also think that some of these products might benefit you in different ways based upon your personality and when you travel.

I suggest getting the HP Wireless Elite Desktop Keyboard and Mouse setup. This setup I can definitely see benefiting you whether you are on tour with your band, or just for plain travel. This would be a great asset to you because I can see the benefits and the reasons for you using this pack and software.

For one the mouse is portable and uses a USB to connect to the computer would be good for taking your laptop when you go to practice with your band or just when you travel, it is a good option. The whole setup is very comfortable, and the mouse is small and portable. It comes with software that keeps track of the battery life left in the devices. The mouse is also great because it is easy for both left and right handed people to use. It is just a good package



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