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The Outsiders - Movie Case Study - Paramount Pictures Wants to Make a New Version

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Essay Preview: The Outsiders - Movie Case Study - Paramount Pictures Wants to Make a New Version

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Paramount Pictures wants to make a new version of "The Outsiders" movie. They need to recast the actors because the actors from the previous movie are now too old to realistically play the characters they played in the original. The new version of the movie would feature Lindsey Lohan as Cherry, Taylor Launtner as Sodapop, Rob Pattison as Bob, J.R. Celeski as Ponyboy, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Darry. The new actors I have chosen to play the roles of Cherry, Bob, Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry fit perfectly into the parts S.E. Hinton described in the book more than the actors in the old movie therefore making it a better movie.

Robert Pattison would play the character Bob. Rob Pattison has played the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series movies. In these movies he plays a very high class snooty guy and in "The Outsiders" Bob is a soc, notorious for only hanging out with his group of friends and being mean or not talking to those below him. In Twilight Rob Pattison's character, Edward, only hangs out with his siblings and rarely talks to others. In the book Bob is also described as someone who is always looking to get drunk. Rob Pattison, famous for his greasy out-of-control hair, could easily look the part of a stoner or alcoholic. In the book S.E. Hinton describes Bob as "Bob the handsome soc" (page 56). Many teens adore Rob and believe him to be handsome. Also, having Rob Pattison in the movie could increase the money the movie would make because he is a favorite actor of many teen girls and people are more likely to see movies with their favorite actors. Because of these similarities I believe that Robert Pattison should play the role of Bob.

Sherri Valance, better known as Cherry, would be played by Lindsey Lohan. In the book Sherri's friends call her Cherry because of her red hair. When she meets Ponyboy she introduces herself, "My name is Sherri but my friends call me Cherry because of my hair. Cherry Valance" (page 22). Lindsey Lohan is a natural redhead as well which is just one reason why she should play Cherry. After Johnny killed Bob and the Greaser versus Soc battle broke out Cherry became a spy for the Greasers. Dally told Johnny and Ponyboy this when he met up with him in the abandoned church on page 84, "Hey did I tell you we got a spy... That good looking broad I tried to pick up that night you killed the Soc." In the movie Mean Girls that Lindsey Lohan starred in she plays a double-agent by spying on Regina George for Janice. In Just My Luck Lindsey Lohan plays an executive for a big company she seems tough and untouchable in the beginning of the movie but because of a twist of fate she shows everyone her other side which has existed all along. Cherry also had this side to her. Ponyboy notices this after he talked to her one day. He said that it wasn't Cherry the Soc he had a conversation with it was, "Cherry the dreamer who watched sunsets and couldn't stand fights" (Page 86). Because of these reasons I think Lindsey Lohan would play Cherry in the modern remake of the book "The Outsiders".

Sodapop, Ponyboy's older brother, would be played by Taylor Lautner. Sodapop is described by S.E. Hinton as "movie star kind of handsome, the kind that people stop on the street to watch go by," (page 7). Since Taylor Lautner is a movie star people often probably often stop to watch him go by. In Cheaper By The Dozen 2 Taylor Lautner plays a goofy kid who fools around a lot. In "The Outsiders" Sodapop goofs around in serious situations like at the hospital after the fire when



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