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The Person I Admire the Most

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The Person I Admire The Most

I first met Alex years ago when I was a child. Alex was a pupil who was studying in my aunt's classroom. That is why we became good friends and started to hang out a lot.

As we grew up, we stopped talking to each other as we once used to. So you can imagine the surprise I had when I saw him in my high-school. I asked him what was he doing there and he told me that he had finally found a teacher to support his physics project. He didn't have much time that day to explain me what project he was talking about, so we appointed a day to see each other.

He was eighteen years old at that time and I was astonished how much he had changed. He was tall, but well-built, even athletic. His eyes were hazel like his straight short hair. He used to smile almost all the time. His outfit was very casual and he seemed quite relaxed even if he was involved in a lot of projects.

One of them and the most important was LEDA. As he talked, I realized how serious he was about LEDA, the project he was working at. He told me that it was not so hard to make the project, as hard as it was to find someone who would co-ordinate him and his colleague, Mihai, both very ambitious and tenacious. Many teachers told them that they were too busy to supervise the project, but Alex never stopped to believe in his chance and, in the end one was brave enough to do it. Mister Ion Bararu, who teaches physics in our high-school, believed in them and really thought that they could get to NASA.

The LEDA project consisted in the design of an orbital station. This was a research project, mostly consisted of physics, but also with important mathematics and biology elements, but for Alex wasn't too hard because he is very intelligent and also consistent in everything he does.

The success started to come. He and his team were once more selected for the final stage of the NASA competition, which took place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For this competition, the Romanian team made another project, "Columbiat". They took the second place in this competition, because an American project was considered to be better.

Alex was admitted at seven Universities from America and Europe, but he chose to go to the University of Bremen in Germany. In the future I hope I will also win a scholarship in Europe or in America and have also good results at school. That is why the person I most admire is Alex.



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