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The Popular Arts in America - Popular Music

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Essay Preview: The Popular Arts in America - Popular Music

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Picking Winners for Rock and Roll, Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 25 years is the most precious museum for the music history which has successfully preserved, stored and secured music in its original form. The biography of some of the artists who have contributed in the influencing the development and perpetuation of this museum and their efforts have been highlighted in this paper.

Taylor Swift was a born artist. Her enormous love for country music was seen in 1999, when she was only ten years old. In 2003, she has started writing song and become youngest songwriter by signing her first official contract with Sony/ ATV. Taylor Swift's debut Platinum album was released in the year 2006, but it could manage to reach only at No.3 at the ranking charts. In the year 2007; which was the career year for the Taylor, her debut album has reached to the No.1 rank on the chart. Her success career was full on for the next years as well and in 2009 she was honored with CMT Music Award and MTV Video Music Award. But success is not without controversies and humiliation. Taylor during her MTV award ceremony was making speech for winning "Best Female Video"; when angry Kanye West suddenly took microphone from Taylor and announced that Beyoncé is eligible for this award rather than Taylor. Also rumors were spread in 2008 that Taylor is dating Joe Jonas, however none of them has announced their relation. Regardless of these controversies, Taylor became so famous for her music devotions that her concert tickets take only less than two minutes to sale. Forbes has ranked Taylor on 69th position on their most powerful celebrity chart (IMDB, 2012).

Justin Bieber is the phenomenon of the music industry, who managed to enter his first four solo songs in Top 40s before the launch of his debut album "My World". Whole world can seek how his mother uploaded the solo songs of her untrained son on YouTube and turned him in to internet sensation and soon to a budding superstar; just in two years time period. Bieber's fame got attention of Usher who signed him and took him to Atlanta. With his famous song, "Baby" Bieber entered into Top 10 in 2010. In 2011 Bieber; a documentary "Never Say Never" was released which earned almost $73 million on the box office (Biography, 2012). Young Bieber is so famous that his fans die to see his glimpse and catch his action on the stage. The career of Bieber is on full boom and he will be in Top 1 ranking in near future.

Lady Gaga has introduced herself as song writer, unless she was discovered by R&B's singer Akon for her creative singing abilities. The Fame was her debuted album in which she sung "Poker Face", which is the milestone of music industry. Lady Gaga got her inspirational name from "Radio Ga-Ga" queen song. Her music studies started from the age of four and she continued learning till the date. In 2005, Lady Gaga was signed by Def Jam Records but could not manage to gain success and dropped. It has resulted



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