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The Recipe to a Successful Life

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Essay Preview: The Recipe to a Successful Life

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The recipe to a Successful Life

Never before in my eighteen years of living has one video about success instantly given me the motivation to do anything and everything I want to do in life. One day while surfing the web I came across a video labeled inspiring clip of the week and proceeded to click on it. The roughly six or so minute video left my eyes glued to the computer screen and my jaw dropped to the ground. The video showed an East Carolina University football player going through his workout regime while an unidentified narrator told a story about being successful, and how exactly to achieve success. Both the player and narrator gave me the inspiration and motivation to always work as hard as I possibly can and to accept nothing less than personal success.

The video tells a story about a young man that desires to be successful and make money, so in turn he goes to visit a guru. The guru informs the young man that he will help as long as the young man meets him at the beach at four o'clock the next morning. Upon arrival the guru told the young man to take his shoes off and proceed into the water with him. When they get in the water the guru grabs the young man's head and pushes it under the water holding him down almost to the point of drowning. The young man clawed, scratched, and fought for what he honestly thought to be his last breath. When the guru pulled the young man up out of the water he looked the young man in the eyes and told him that when he wanted to succeed as much as he wanted to breathe, that is when he would be successful. This really struck me when I first heard it. I realized that success is something that, if desired enough, can be obtained. Any person can be successful if they look at success as a necessity rather than a luxury. It helped me comprehend that success is not something that is bestowed upon anyone, rather success, in most cases, is the direct result of hard work and motivation. For me the guru's correlation between breathing and the desire for success put into perspective what steps need to be taken to become successful.

The unidentified narrator then goes on to tell a couple of stories about two extremely successful celebrities, and what they needed to do to attain success. First, the narrator tells about a highly acclaimed musician named Beyoncé. He tells of one specific time in which Beyoncé was so overwhelmed with her job, that for three whole days she simply forgot to eat. She had been working methodically on an album she was trying to complete, and was not going to let anything in her way, even her appetite. This was an amazingly intriguing story to me. It gave me a concrete example of how talent can only take you to a certain point in life. It showed me that when it comes to success, talent is only a sliver of the recipe, the majority of the recipe of success calls for extremely hard work. It taught me that even one of the most talented women in the music business clocks in endless hours upon hours of hard work in order to maintain her success. The other celebrity the narrator



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