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Success in Life by Helping Others

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Essay Preview: Success in Life by Helping Others

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Success in Life by Helping Others

The causes of success are interpreted in different ways. To one person, success is being rich and famous; to another, it is leading a blissful life with high self-esteem. The latter is what true success is. One can gain this bliss by helping others in any way possible. Instead of helping one's self all the time, take some time to be self-less and one's feelings will change dramatically. My own experiences and knowledge of a charity organization prove how success in life is related to serving others.

Teaching someone a certain subject, which one is knowledgeable in, can be very rewarding. My ten years of experience in swimming gives me an abundance of knowledge to teach others. For the past few summers, coaching swimming to younger kids, in order for them to be as fast as possible, has given me real insight into success. Watching their progress feels as though this was making me become a better person. That amazing feeling that teaching gives is what brings someone to the point of a successful life. Teaching not only helps the student learn, but also the teacher. When one teaches another, they begin to truly understand specifically what they are teaching and why they are teaching it. This makes the teacher, or in this case the swim coach, become a better instructor, whatever the subject may be. Not only does it teach one how to swim, but it also gains respect from others. This can lead to more success in one's future.

One of the children's fathers that I coach is an engineer. Being interested currently in the field of engineering, the father was willing to help me gain an internship at his company for all the help I gave to his son. An internship can give me a huge lead when going to college and trying to get a job. Believe it or not, helping others can lead to others being willing to help one when in need. No one in this world can gain success by themselves, but when others help one another on the way to success, almost anything is possible. On the other side, if one chooses not to help others, they are less likely to reach that final goal of an accomplished life because no person wants to help someone who is selfish.

Identically, charities are very popular, successful organizations and are a great way to help others. "Child's Play" is an organization that makes seriously ill children in hospitals enjoy themselves more through video games. Many people's lives are hindered by physical or mentally handicaps; however, through video games, young kids can feel more comfortable in a hospital environment and recover quickly. Once their illness is cured, many of these children can go on to live successful lives of their own. In addition, successful gamers that stream online gaming tournaments use their fame to gain profits through advertisements and to donate to this charity. This is an example of successful people helping



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