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The Road Not Taken

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The Road not Taken, a short poem with a powerful title that immediately introduces choices about life. Every day a road is not taken in life but it is a choice that we have control over this insert from the poem has an everlasting "I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference." Frost (1969) at the end of the journey is where you will find the harvest in the travel no two roads will offer the same journey.

My imagination of this poem actually tool me to a dark wooded area with two decisions left or right, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood ,and sorry I could not travel both "Frost (1969) The beginning of each road were both the same but the author could only make one choice. In making decisions it is a self- determination to be successful in whatever you begin in order to feel you have accomplished your goal. This poem not only took me to a dark wooded area but I was able to relate and feel the heavy weight of making such intense decisions. The author was indeed lonely with a heavy burden about life as he states, "And be one traveler, long I stood" Frost (1969). In this particular short poem there were many choices of words use to describe life but one that grab my attention was line four and five" And I looked down one as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth." Frost (1969) the metaphor use in this sentence was "bent in the undergrowth" shows that the thoughts were so deep that it was in the unconscious mind and the undergrowth is deep as the roots. The more I read the more I became involve with the words and my own personal experience about life. I was able to connect with the author loneliness and being left to make choices about something that will either be positive or negative to his future. There is nothing more challenging about life when you able to walk into a situation without knowing where life will begin or how it will end but the fact that you were able to endure all the bumps and bruises through it all create a strong will and sound heart individual.

This poem was a motivation to me that showed that despite of loneliness life will continue and choices will have to be made in order learns about life. Since I have learn through my own life experience and was able to relate to this poem I have continued to pass this life learn lesson to any one that at times fall short of an up lift in life. Although choices are sometimes difficult to make a person with knowledge can always lead a person in a good journey down a rough road. This piece of poem has been a personal experience as for others I have read in the first week. I have allow the words to reopen up the past so that I will stay encourage about traveling down any road in life. The message that I receive from this poem was information I already went through in life but it was enhancer that will keep me focus in life.



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