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The Rocking Horse Winner

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Essay Preview: The Rocking Horse Winner

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Rocking Horse Winner- The Movie

This is a movie based on a poem " The rocking horse winner" by D.H. Lawrence. The central theme of the story revolves around a young boy who is desperate about betting on derby to earn money out of it to help his mom and his financially broken family. It is not a necessity to be rich, but you need luck to become rich and most importantly stay rich.

The movie has imitated the true emotions of the poem very well. It was able to bring out the real meaning of the poem and was very dramatic. It was remarkable how those greedy voice that the young boy used to hear are shown, it truly leaves an impression on us that the boy was troubled and the house was gloomy and filled with greed of his mother for money. This movie really helps to bring out and set the characters of the poem in our mind. And one should definitely watch this movie after reading through the poem.

The mother of the young boy was unarguably the one who brought all the greed and negative vibes in the house. As shown in the movie, she failed to become a good wife and a good mother too. There was no end to all those fights between her and her husband as she was just too stubborn to understand anything. No only she was unsatisfied with what she had, but she also tried to blame the results of her own actions on other's luck. It was all about money for her, and nothing else.

The mother's crave for a better luck led her son to his grave at such a young age. She was always so upset and gloomy that made her son do something about it, he tried to give his own luck to her just to make her happy. The movie shows that the son gave five thousand pounds to her mom which he won while betting on a horse. But when she got a letter receiving money, there was not a single drop of happiness on her face. This shattered the boy so bad that has started having delusion that the money was not enough for his mother.The young boy was traumatised, and this led him to his own grave.

To close this essay, the movie definitely need to be appreciated because of it's precise and heart touching imitation of the poem. The character of the mother illustrated in the movie and poem is definitely not what a mother or a wife should be. She was depressed, and unhappy with whatever she had. On the other hand her son tried to whatever he can to make his mother happy. But at end it did not matter if he had a good luck in earning money, but he died anyway because he was too unlucky to have a mother like that.



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