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The Rocking Horse Winner

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Key question lesson 1

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In "The Rocking Horse Winner" I used before, during and after reading comprehension strategies. Before I used the purpose I am reading this story and the purpose of reading the article was because it is part of the course. Before I read I am looking to use my before, during and after techniques as the purpose of the story. Next, as I began to read I started creating mental images in my head. For example, they talked about a kid riding the rocking horse really fast and I pictured that in my head to help me get into the story. Finally, after reading the story I began to ask questions about the story. One thing I wonder is why doesn’t tell you how or what the boy died from at the end of the story.In conclusion, I used my before, during and after reading strategies to aid me while reading the story.


The first textual element of the story I analyzed was theme which was neglect.In Hester's obsession with material things, she neglects to provide Paul the love and care he needs to turn into a normal, mentally stable child. If she had paid more attention to him during his early years, he would have grown up into a confident young man.But, her need for the best things in life overruled showing Paul any love and care. In conclusion, I analyzed the theme of neglect in the story.

Next, I looked at the setting in which the story took place in.The story takes place in England in the years just after the First World War. The places include a home in an unidentified location in or near London,London's Richmond Park, a car traveling to a home in Hampshire County, southwest of London and Lincoln Racecourse in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. The narrator mentions major horse races in England that took place 1926 that readers would know.therefore, the author used setting as a textural element.

Also, the author used protagonist as a textual element.In the short story "The Rocking Horse Winner" Paul is the protagonist.He is a young kid who just want his mother to show him some love and attention to feel like she cares about him. Paul listens to his mother always referring to his father as a loser because he has never made it financially. She believes it being unlucky. This shows that the other uses paul as the protagonist. In conclusion, a textual element used by the author is protagonist.

Finally, the author shows us conflict in the story as a textual element.Paul struggles to expand capital and accomplishment through luck, but in truth it is hard work.Paul desires his mother's love and resents his father's failure. He believes that luck is success, and tries to accomplish his success by expanding his capital by gambling and luck.Paul



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