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The Role of God and Religion

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The Role of God and Religion

“A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor” and “A Very Old Man With

Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez” also the film of Life of Pi those are some stories

discovering the important of the role of god and the role of religion in our lives. The stories

above are an examples of how people deals with the bad things that happening to them daily and

how they use the role of god in those situations, also how they use the religion to solve their


        Today our society has many deferent religions, each person have his own believes and

religion and practices. Even those religions are deferent but on the same time they agree on one

god . It is true that some religions are not believing god, but in general most of the religions

believing one god. From does believes we start asking questions, how god can help us? What is?

the role of god in our lives? God can help us every day anywhere this is what our believe about

god, also people ask god to help them no matter what is the situation. This is what we learned

since we were kids, god is the only one can help us. But sometimes even we ask god to help us

we don’t get any help, then we start thinking, is god don’t want to help us? Did we done

something wrong? The answer is no. god is always watching us, sometimes bad things can

happen to us that doesn’t mean god doesn’t want to help us, but maybe the bad things that

happening to us is a good thing in our god vision, maybe he is testing us how we will act on

those situations or maybe the good thing coming after the bad thing. In “Life Of Pi” and “A

Good Man is Hard to Find” we have two examples of people got in a bad situations and still

asking god for help. In the film Life Of Pi the kid survived after losing his family and days of

suffering in the middle of the ocean, also the example of the grandmother in “A Good Man is

Hard To Find” she asked god for help, but the “Misfit” didn’t give her a chance to survive.

Maybe the god vision is to send her to the heaven, so god would never hurt us or make

something happen without purpose.

        The role of god is very important in our lives, especially when all people knows that god

watching us and judging our actions. The believe of god is watching us is a good reason for

people to eliminate some bad ethical that people have, also this believe give us the opportunity

to behave well in our society. The role of god in our lives answers all the question that we

are holding and asking everyday about so many things in the natural world and all the things

that’s been created in the world before this era , on the story “a very old men with enormous

wings” shows us an example of people whom doesn’t apply the role of god to understand what

happening in the natural world , when “pelayo and elisendra called in a neighbor woman who

knew everything about life and death to see him, and all she needed was one look to show them

their mistake. He’s an angel, he must have been coming for the child” people doesn’t have

enough information or background to recognize what they are facing.

        In our social life people are always depending on the role of god and their religions to

solve their problems. Most of the religions have a bunch of rules and red lines people cannot

cross them, also people trying to practice their religion and use it to solve the daily problems or



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