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The Role of Software in It Systems

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Essay Preview: The Role of Software in It Systems

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The Role of Software in IT Systems

Software Technical Support

My Long session project was identifying some problem that you are having with your computer. Well I do have a problem with my laptop computer. Seems the audio headphone jack is not properly working. I get a crackling noise coming from my headphones. It doesn't matter what headphones I use, it's always the same crackling noise. I thought my headphones were going out. I have a 2 year old that gets into everything but since I tried another pair with the same results I figured it was a software conflict. I went to my device manager to see if all my drivers were up to date. When I opened my device manager and scanned the list it showed my drivers were up to date. I thought that was strange. I then downloaded driver genius and a key generator to use the programs full applications. After running a complete scan and updated any other missing drivers I still found my audio headphones jack not working. I went into my control panel to look at the drivers. I found I have two sound devices one for typical audio and another for when I plug my laptop to a monitor with HDMI ports. I went to the Realtek web site and looked for current drives or any info common to this problem. I didn't find anything and even after I updated my drives I still have that problem. It's funny because I've been having this problem before I got to mod5.

When I read the assignment for this mod I thought I was already halfway to getting and answer. I looked though the whole group of websites suggested to me. I felt that a lot of them were more geared toward programmers, networking, and hacking. I really did enjoy going through these sites. I learned a lot of different things to do to my computer and other computers on a network secured with WEP or less. I didn't use the hacking tools because it is illegal.

I narrowed my search to these three suggested sites required. The first but least favorite was Tips. It had a lot of information but seemed really scattered. You had to use keywords or keywords to narrow your search. I couldn't find a topic like Hardware, audio, or drivers. I just had to pick and look through large list if items. I spent a lot of time on these pages and found all kinds of cool tips but nothing really for my problem except the usual drivers update and suggestions to disable and enable my audio card.

The next site I used was Like it too hard a lot of stuff. I found it better categorized. I did find some better solutions to my audio problem. Almost to much information. Major geeks have a member forum. Membership id free so you can post a question in the appropriate section. There a ton of postings from members with the same problems. I joined and



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