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The Serpent Case

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This story has many descriptions about hell and how it is. Like the devil is described as a "Serpent", and many other things that hell is this big etc... But im going to tell you what the story is like in my own point of view.

I know that there is heaven and hell, but it mostly talks about hell in the story how it relates to things. In the story we know that hell is really huge , but what lurches beneath the ground to hell? Hell is hot and with agony and pain. Hell was created to separate the good from bad but there is a suspicion that the devil use to be a angel. The devil use to be a angel just got cast away to hell for over using his powers that god gave him. That hell he got cast is dark, sadness, sorrow, and includes pain and punishments. There are many bibles that talk about how hell is but not that many really know. In the story is described as " Pain and Dark".

Now the other thing about this story that makes it intrusting when it talk about hell is that it's written in "Archaic Language". A example about how hell is described in archaic language is, " The infernal serpent; he it was, whose guile" Line 34. This explained hell in someway how it uses the language to describe it. Another good detail is that it say " Regions of sorrow, doleful studs, where peace" Line 65. This mostly explain that peace doesn't exist in hell just sorrow and darkness.

That is mostly what I have in information about hell and how is described. Just a dark lonely place. Read up on any religion and it will tell you how it is and how it is described in there religions book.



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