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The Shadows Case

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Essay Preview: The Shadows Case

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Three shadows followed me all the time when I was home. They used to follow me before I went to work in the mornings and they used to follow me at night. These shadows are relentless. They followed by closely everywhere I went! To the refrigerator, to the mall, and even to the bathroom! They drove my head crazy at times! It's like all of my oxygen was being sucked out of the lungs that keeps my body moving. But for some reason I love these shadows. Shadow Two is a beautiful chocolate thing, It has the knowledge of a 1st grader. It's personality is like Shadow One but it's emotional. Shadow Three is a stubborn thing. It's lighter than Shadow Two but darker than Shadow One. Shadow Three is also a young beautiful thing and has the same personality as Shadow One but it's curious. Shadow One is the biggest shadow of them all. That shadow is mine. My shadow is miserable and is lonely at times. It's inactive now that Shadow Two and Three are not around. It's not as free as it was before. My shadow misses Two and Three. They were always stuck to me and absorbed my every move like a sponge. I hated it but adored it at the same time. My shadows love me and I love my shadows.



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